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Research Interest

Synthetic coordination chemistry of transition metal ions and ligand design is central to our work with focus on new Fe(II) spin equilibria systems using pyridyl/pyrazole/imidazole-containing chelating ligands, stabilization of ligands, stabilization of high-valent iron, manganese, and nickel complexes and stabilization of ligand cation-radical complexes of deprotonated pyridine/pyrazine amide ligands, magneto-structural coorelations, design of anion receptors, and bioinorganic synthetic model complexes of metalloenzyme active sites (dioxygen activation, water oxidation, hydrolysis of substrates, and metal–coordinated phenoxyl radical complexes) using tailor-made ligands, and half-sandwich organometallic molecules. We also have interest in  coordinaton polymers. Research covers extensive synthesis, molecular structural (X-ray crystallography), and electronic structural (magnetic, spectroscopic, and DFT calculations) characterization, and investigation of reactivity (chemical and redox).



Contact Information:

Prof. R. N. Mukherjee   SL-208A, Southern Laboratories
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur 208 016

Phone: +91-512-2597437


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