This page contains information about the courses that have been/will be offered by me at IIT Kanpur.

[New course] Simulation-Based Design of 4G/5G Wireless Standards

Course Objectives and teaching methodology The students normally have strong theoretical background in wireless communications systems, but negligible exposure on the use of this theory to design practical wireless systems. And many jobs in the wireless communication industry require design of standards-based practical wireless systems. The objective of this course is to bridge the gap between the theory and practise of 4G/5G wireless communication systems, and consequently also the gap between the academia and the industry.

To achieve the objective, the underlying concepts of 4G and 5G transceivers will be taught in the class, and the students will be expected to read the 4G and 5G standard documents to understand the transceiver specifications. The students will then design and implement in MATLAB a 4G and 5G compliant wireless system. The course will therefore involve a MATLAB coding component, which will also be considered for evaluation. Lastly students will discuss possible evolutionary paths for the 5G standard.

Prerequisites: Either EE677 or EE670.

Course Website:

  • EE 698XX Jan-April 2019 [link]

[New course] MIMO Wireless Communications

Objective: This course will cover state-of-the-art multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless transmitter and receiver designs which are being used in the current 4G and will most-likely be used in the emerging 5G cellular systems. The students will learn about

  • Challenges involved in developing and incorporating MIMO designs in practical wireless systems.

  • Performance improvements MIMO designs provide over single-antenna designs in different operating scenarios.

Prerequisites: Basics of linear algebra and communication theory.

Course Website:

  • EE677 Jan-April 2017

  • EE677 Jan-April 2018

  • EE677 Aug-November 2018 [link]

Communication Theory

Objective: The aim of this course is to make students understand and analyze fundamental digital communication transmitter and receiver designs that are used in building 3G, 4G and 5G wireless systems. The students will learn about the required theoretical tools and engineering challenges in building such wireless communication systems. The students will also have an opportunity to do projects which will allow them to experiment on practical digital wireless communication systems.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Website:

  • EE622 July-Nov 2016, 2017 [link]

Short course on Optimization for Communications & Machine Learning

Objective: The aim of this course is to provide an in depth exposure to practicing engineers, faculty members and graduate students to the latest research and applications of convex optimization techniques, specifically in the area of modern wireless communications, signal processing and networking research. Beginning with a brief overview of the basic concepts of convex sets, functions and duality, this course will comprehensively cover several new applications of convex optimization in wireless communications such as power control , beamforming for MIMO wireless systems, compressive sensing, rate maximization etc. A key aim of the course is to enable students to recognize convex optimization problems arising in these areas and develop low- complexity solutions for problems frequently encountered in practical scenarios. A MATLAB based demonstration session will introduce the participants to the tools and techniques available in modern convex optimization solvers for the above applications.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Website: