NoNameProgramYear of GraduationThesis TitleEmployment
1Venkateswara Reddy MulaM.Tech2009

Design of Synchronous Buck Converter for Power Management Applications 

Bosch Ltd.
2Saurabh UpadhyayM.Tech2010Half Z-Source Topology based Electronic Load GE Global Research, Bangalore
3Kapil JhaM.Tech2010Large Signal Linearization of a Boost ConverterOil and Natural Gas Corp.
4Rakesh RawalM.Tech2010Design and Implementation of a Three Phase Front End Rectifier for Rural Telecom ApplicationSteel Authority of India
5Brijendra VermaM.Tech2010A Wide input range DC/DC Converter with Battery Interface for a Rural Telecom Power PlantCouncil for Scientfic and Industrial Research
6Makarand MijarM.Tech2010FPGA Based Digital Implementation of Synthetic Ripple ModulatorIntersil Corp. Bangalore
8Olive RayM.Tech2011Highly Modular Power Converter Architecture for Renewable Applications
Joining Ph.D. with us
9Soumya Shubhra Nag (co-guide)M.Tech2011         Analog Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Solar Photovoltaic ApplicationJoining Ph.D. with us 
10 J S. NaiduM.Tech2012 Analysis and Design of a Modified Two-switch Buck-Boost ConverterFaculty
11Saurabh SekharM.Tech2012 A Half Bridge Inverter Based Capacitive Power Transfer Circuit with Unity Power Factor Utility Interface General Electric Bangalore
12Ankur MisraM.Tech2012 A Smart Gate-driver for Light-load Efficiency Improvement of a POL Converter Bosch Ltd.
13Arun Shankar U.M.Tech2013
Novel Usages of Boost Converter in Battery Powered Applications
Pursuing Ph.D. at Maryland, College Park
14Anil PrasadM. Tech2013
Integrated Dual Output Converter (IDOC) and Its Application Rural DC Nanogrid
Tata Motors
15 Jinia RoyM. Tech2013
Design and Control of a 5 kW Multi-Input Solar Interface
    Pursuing Ph.D. at ASU
16Nalin L. GuptaM.Tech.2014Design and Implementation of  Three Phase High Freqeuncy Inverter with Superior Dyanamics-
17Abhishek MajiM. Tech. 2015
Power Quality Improvement and Power Capacity Enhancement of a Power Plant for Rural Telecom ApplicationsABB Research
18Ishrat JamalM. Tech.2015
Modeling, Analysis and Implementation of Hybrid Multi-output Converter for solar-PV ApplicationISRO
19Venkata SrinivasM. Tech.2015
Design and Analysis of Ultra-lift Luo Converter Based PFC CircuitsScientific Mes Technik Pvt.Ltd.
20Deepak KumarM.Tech. 2015Tunnel FETs and Its Application to Digital CircuitsUPES, Deradun
21Anwesha MukhopadhyayM. Tech.2016Design, Analysis, and Control of Series Input Boost Pre-regulator-
22Khirod NaikM.Tech.2016
Energy Routing Using 3s-IDOCABB Research
23Suman MondalM.Tech.2016Renewable Based Critical Power Supply For Domestic ApplicationScientific Mes Technik Pvt.Ltd.
24Ramanuja PanigrahiM.Tech.2016
An Energy Harvesting Circuit For A Dielectric Elastomer GeneratorJoining Ph.D. with us
25Nitin ChauhanM.S.2018Implementation and Performance Comparison of Boost-VSI Using SiC-MOSFETs and Si-IGBTsPowergrid Corp.
26Divya YogiM.Tech.2018Zero Current Switching of  Current-Fed Switched InverterIntel Corp.
27Sagar RastogiBT-MT Dual2018Unity Power Factor Control of Integrated Dual-Output Converter (IDOC) using FPGAPursuing Ph.D. at NCSU
28Rajat ChannappanavarM.Tech.2018FPGA Controlled High Frequency Point of Load Converter Continuing PhD with us
29Mandeep RanaM.Tech.2018TBDJoining PhD with us
30Shubham SharmaM.Tech.2018TBD-
31Hemant KumarBT-MT2019TBD-
32Yash VermaBT-MT2019TBD-
33Kapil GillBT-MT2019TBD-
34Sneha SureshMS-TBD-