Dr. Santanu De, Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur




MTech and PhD positions are available. Please feel free to contact me by email/phone or stop by my office.

Interested postdoctoral candidates are requested to contact me with full resume. A prior background in one or more of the following research areas of combustion, turbulent flows, multiphase flows, optical diagnostics, high-performance computing, is desirable.



Room NL302 (Northern Laboratory)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Kanpur 208016, UP, India

Phone: +91-512-259-6478

Fax: +91-512-259-7408

E-mail: sde@iitk.ac.in

Research Interests:

CFD of reactive flows (RANS, LES, DNS)

Advanced turbulent combustion modeling (Flamelet, CMC, MMC and PDF methods)

Flame stabilization, extinction/re-ignition, auto-ignition

Combustion/emission in I.C. engines and gas turbines

Coal combustion and gasification

Spray atomization and combustion

Clean combustion, fuel flexibility, flame pyrolysis