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Tentative Duration: Jul 08 Jul 19, 2019

Tentative Schedule: 10-12:30 hrs (FN Session), 14-17 hrs (AN session)

Module I Conventional Coal Technologies

Coal drying fundamentals, status of commercial technologies

Introduction to combustion and gasification: conventional pf and fluidized bed combustion, chemical kinetics

Large scale industrial technologies: fluidized bed gasification, fixed bed gasification, entrained flow gasification, transport reactor gasification, dry feed vs. wet feed gasification

Effect of fuel quality on gasification: effects of moisture and mineral matter, fuel properties on gasification performance

Gasifier selection based on coal quality: design parameters and gasifier sizing

Review of ash viscosity for entrained flow gasification: a review of mathematical models, the applicability of the models to different coal compositions


Module II Advanced Coal Technologies

Strategies for fuel gas cleanup: emissions and control strategies for SO2, NOx, CO, and PM, cyclone separator

Carbon capture and storage: adsorption and absorption based techniques for CO2 capture and sequestration

End products of gasification: utilization of syngas in IGCC, synthesis of methanol and dimethyl ether, polygeneration

Cost analysis of commercial gasification technologies

Chemical looping combustion and gasification: fundamentals, the effect of fuel quality and use for chemicals synthesis

Oxy-fuel combustion: fundamentals of oxy-fuel pf and fluidized bed combustion, effect of fuel quality, current status

Direct carbon fuel cell: principles, system efficiency, exergy analysis, mathematical modeling, effect of fuel quality

Synthesis of other products from coal: carbon fiber and graphene

Course Structure

Advanced Coal Utilization: Current Status and Future Prospects

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