Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur - 208016 (India)


Research Supervision


  1.  "Estimation of Regression Coefficients in Restricted Measurement Error Models" (Gaurav Garg).

  2.  "Estimation of Regression Coefficients and Forecasting in Measurement Error Model" (Chandra Mani Paudel).

  3. Swati Shukla (Continuing)

M. Sc. Projects

  1. Bayesian Analysis in Measurement Error SURE Model.

  2. Polynomial Measurement Error Models and Modelling of LIDAR Data.

  3. Bayesian Analysis in Measurement Error Model.

  4. Comparison between CART and Logistic Regression.

  5. Bayesian Analysis in Measurement Error SURE Model.

  6. Forecasting the Term Structures of Interest Rates using Neural Networks.

  7. Instrumental Variable Estimation and its Applications.

  8. A Study on Mobile Phones with respect to its Salient Features based on  IITK Students.

  9. Analysis of Mobile Phone Network Service Providers.

  10. Are Our Mess and Canteen at par with Our Nutrition Requirements.

  11. Impact of Internet on Social Life Hobbies And Interests of Students at  IIT Kanpur.

  12. Fooled by Randomness.

  13. Craze of Online Shopping Among the Students of  IITK.

  14. A Report on Internet Facility Provided by IITK for Students.

  15. A Survey on Job Preference by IITK Students.

  16. Does Previous Experience of Hostel Life Makes the Stay in  IITK Easier???

  17. Effect Of Extra-Curricular Activities On IITK Students.

  18. Methods of Study Techniques of M.Sc. (2 years) Students at IITK.

  19. Sampling and Analysis of Problems Faced by the Students in their First Year Responsible for Poor Academics.

  20. Internet usage among IITK students.

  21. An opinion survey on research v/s job in IIT Kanpur.

  22. Effect of Library Usage and Engagement in Extracurricular Activities on Academic Performance of IITK Students.

  23. Estimating Number of Alcohol Drinkers using Randomized Response Technique.

  24. A Survey on Usage of Computers by Students of IIT Kanpur.

  25. A Study on Migration From IIT Kanpur.

  26. Recession: Effect of Job Preferences at IIT Kanpur.

  27. Sample Survey to Study Whether the Students Population of IIT Kanpur is Represented in Equal Proportions from Rural and Urban Areas and Also to get an Idea about the Economic Condition of their Families.

  28. Sample Survey to Study the Association of Family Income, Pocket Money, Savings and Expenditure Study on the Preference of IIT Kanpur Students Towards Job  or Research in India or Abroad.

  29. Study of Addictions using Randomized Response Technique Study of Consumer Behaviour of the Students of IIT Kanpur towards Food Expenditure.

  30. An Opinion Survey on the Patient Satisfaction of the Health centre of IITK.

  31. Effect of Library Usage and Engagement in extracurricular Activities on Academic Performance of IITK Students.

  32. IITK, How Are You???

  33. An Opinion Survey on AIDS Awareness A Lifestyle Survey on the Students of IIT Kanpur.  

  34. A Lifestyle Survey on the Students of IIT Kanpur.

  35. Napping Behavior of IIT Kanpur Students.

  36. A Campus Survey on the Implementation of Co-Ed Hostel in IIT Kanpur.

  37. Impact of Advertisement on Marketing Habits of IITK Students.

  38. How an IITK Student Managing their Time between Studying and Joining Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA).

  39. A Survey on Matrimonial Relations in IITK.

  40. Do IITK Students Face Too Much Pressure.

  41. Student's Future Plans and the Reasons Behind.

  42. A Survey on the Lifestyle of IIT Kanpur Students.