Courses Taught

AE 601 (Graduate), Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, Instructor

AE 602 (Graduate), Mathematics for Aerospace Engineers, Instructor

AE 618 (Graduate), Finite Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Instructor

AE 610 (Graduate), Aerodynamics-I, Instructor

AE 100 (Undergraduate), Aeromodeling Design and Fabrication, Instructor

AE 311 (Undergraduate), Aerodynamics-I, Instructor

AE 341 (Undergraduate), Propulsion-I, Instructor

AE 481 (Undergraduate), Boundary Layer Theory, Instructor

ESO 102 (Undergraduate), Thermodynamics, Instructor and Tutor.

ESO 202 (Undergraduate), Fluid Mechanics, Tutor.

M 102 (Undergraduate), Mathematics II, Tutor.

TA 101 (Undergraduate), Engineering Graphics, Tutor.

In addition to these regular courses, I teach "Aerodyamics" in
short courses that are regularly offered to the HAL Trainees

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