Areas of Interest

Prof. Mittal has more than two decades of research experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has worked on large scale computations of compressible and incompressible unsteady flows including those that involve moving boundaries and domains. Stabilized finite element methods have been developed and applied to a variety of flow situations. His research interests include, both fundamental aspects of fluid flows and design of numerical methods, as well as their application to situations of practical interest. He also has experience in carrying out experiments in wind tunnel. Some of the research areas, in which he and his group have worked on, include:

High Performance Computing,

Design of accurate and robust numerical methods.

Experimental Aerodynamics: low speed wind-tunnel testing.

Flows in supersonic wind-tunnels and diffusers.

Flows in mixed-compression supersonic intakes, including the buzz instability.

Unsteady transonic flows past wings and airfoils.

Turbulent flows past single and multi-element airfoils: hysteresis close to stall.

Flow past Ram-Air parachutes.

Flow induced oscillations of bluff bodies.

Flow control.

Wake instabilities in bluff body flows.

Aerodynamic shape optimization.

Design of high performance airfoils.

Study of laminar separation bubble on airfoils and bluff bodies.

Linear Stability Analysis of flows.

Aerodynamics of sports balls.

Aerodynamics of high speed trains.

Aerodynamics of Badminton Shuttle Cock.

Modeling of traffic flow.

Granular flows.

Garphics and Visualization.

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