Summer School on 'Sustainable Cities'
June 02 - July 06, 2013


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Sustainable cities are essential to achieve global environmental sustainability. But sustainable city development cannot be achieved from single discipline perspectives. This course brings together theories, concepts and models from different disciplines - public affairs, public health, urban planning, engineering, environmental science, climate sciences, industrial ecology and economics - to develop sustainable cities globally using a social-ecological-infrastructural systems framework. Students will learn sustainability systems concepts, local-to-global linkages, inter-disciplinary skills, inter-cultural skills, and ethics considerations in conducting international fieldwork.

IIT-K students from different disciplines will join US students from Engineering, Environmental Science & Management, Urban Planning and Public Affairs/Public Policy.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of how cities are embedded within larger-scale engineered infrastructures (e.g., electric power, water supply, and transportation networks) that convey natural resources over large distances for use by people in cities. Students will explore complex, cross-scale interactions between the natural system, the transboundary engineered infrastructures, and the multiple social actors and institutions that govern these infrastructures using a novel social-ecological-infrastructural systems (SEIS) framework. Field trips to cities in India will introduce students to urban infrastructure conditions and innovations in India, including an understanding of who benefits from infrastructure innovations, who is disadvantaged, and how policies are developed.


The course is based on inter-disciplinary framework developed for study of sustainable city systems. The framework and supporting curriculum resources have been peer-reviewed and published in A Social-Ecological-Infrastructural Systems Framework for Interdisciplinary Study of Sustainable City Systems: An Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum Across Seven Major Discipline in theJournal of Industrial Ecology, by Ramaswami et al. (2012) which is available online.


  'This Summer School is only open for Post Graduate students of IIT-Kanpur and all collaborating institutes of NSF-PIRE-PEER collaborative project.'  


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2013 Department of Civil Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur