Ph.D Thesis Supervised/Supervising

 Current Ph.D. Students 

Anubhav Dwivedi (Jointly with Dr. Naveen Tiwari, CHE)


Aerosol nucleation in mixing chamber under various flow conditions

Kunal Ghosh


Effect of charge on microphysical processes in atmosphere.

Navaneeth M. Thamban


Understanding the mixing state of black carbon aerosols in Indo Gangetic Plain (IGP)

Anil Kumar Mandaria (Jointly with Dr. Tarun Gupta, CE)


Understanding the growth of organic aerosol (OA)

Manish Kumar (Jointly with Dr. Shikha Prasad, ME)


Study of Aerosol deposition in piping system during severe nuclear accident and its validation with ASTEC.

Gaurav Mishra (Jointly with Dr. Ashok Khanna, ME)


Experimental and modeling study on hygroscopicity of nuclear aerosols

Sidyant Kumar Rao (Jointly with Dr. Sanjay Kumar, AE)


Study of shock wave and droplet interaction

Suneeti Mishra


Aerosol size distribution and chemical analysis in Indian cities

Vipul Lalchandani


Chemical characterization of particulate matter, and understanding organic aerosol sources and evolution at downwind location of Delhi during winter season

Ashutosh Shukla


Source apportionment using UMR and PMF and network analysis



Current M.Tech. Students  

Shubham Naresh
Himadri Sekhar Bhowmik



Project Members 

Amit Misra

Post Doc

Study of vertical distribution of aerosol from satellite and ground based Lidar.

Ravi Sahu

Post Doc

Jitendra Kumar Meher

Post Doc


Gargi Sengupta

Junior Research Fellow


Kuldeep Dixit

Junior Research Fellow


Saad Ahmed

Junior Research Fellow

Amit Vishvakarma

Project Associate

Harish C. Vishwakarma

Assistant Project Manager

AERONET and MPLNET site maintenance, Technical work and official work for Projects.

Hari Shankar 

Sr. Project Mechanic

Technical work and official work for Project and Lab.






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