Major Projects


Running Projects       

 10. Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), UK:  Rs. 26.82 Lakhs
     Thermal infrared technologies for supporting environmental assessment and decision making in the         Ganges Basin

 09. BP India Services Private Limited: Rs. 20.69 Lakhs
     India Air Pollution Study for BP

 08. Respirer Living Sciences Private Limited: 24.78 Lakhs
     Measurement and Calibration of Air Quality Monitors in 10 cities of India

 07. Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF): 2.10 Crore
     Streaming Analytics over Temporal Variables from Air quality Monitoring (SATVAM)

 06. Department of Biotechnology: 113.80 Lakhs
     Joint Research project on Delhi Air Pollution: Health aNd Effects (DAPHNE)

 05. Department of Science and Technology (DST): 63.96 Lakhs
ndo-UK joint project on Towards an integrated approach for assessing the impact of  climatic stresses on        agriculture and the exchange of greenhouse gas on the Indo-Gangetic Plain

 04. Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC): 980         Lakhs
     Studies on aerosol behaviour under severe accident conditions in the context of Indian Nuclear         Reactors by setting up of National Aerosol Facility
        2015-2018 (extended upto 2020)

 03. Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)
     Indo-UK joint project on South Asian Monsoon: Monsoon Dynamics and thermodynamics from the         land surface through convection to the continental-scale (INCOMPASS)
(extended upto 2019)

  02. Indian Space Research Organization
        Environmental Observatory

  01. National Aeronautic and Space Administration


Completed Projects


 21. Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT): 33.38 Lakhs
     Crowd sourcing water quality: Using mobile technology and rapid microbiological tests to assess      drinking water risks in rural India

 20. United States Agency for International Development: Rs. 100 Lakhs
     lNSF-PIRE collaboration: Developing Low-Carbon Cities in India: Focus on Urban Infrastructures, Public      Health, Climate Risks and Vulnerability

 19. Indo-UK Ministry of Earth Sciences and Natural Environmental Earth Sciences: Rs 46.0 Lakhs
 South Asian Precipitation: A Seamless Assessment SAPRISE

 18. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC): Rs. 49.98 Lakhs
     Experimental Evaluation of Aerosol Behavior Relevant to Indian Nuclear Reactors

 17. Department of Science and Technology: Rs. 47.92 Lakhs
Modelling Relative Impact of Aerosol and LULC Changes on Regional Climate of Ganga Basin

 16. Ministry of Human Recourse Development (MHRD): 360.00 Lakhs
     Building a Novel System for Soot: Measurement, Toxicity Assessment and Source Identification

 15. Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
     Black and Brown Carbon Influence on Climate Change in India from Local to Regional Scale

 14. Ministry of Earth Sciences: 59.0 Lakhs
    Cosmic Rays-Cloud-Climate Conundrum: Can Ion-Aerosol Near-Cloud Mechanism Explain the
       Observed Correlations?

13. Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS): 52.56 Lakhs
    Measurement of aerosol and liquid droplet size distributions and validation of aerosol and

    droplet microphysical models.


12. Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR): 7.18 Lakhs
    Development of a Non-Hydrostatic Finite-Volume Icosabehral Model for Regional/Global

    Climate Simulation and Weather Forecast.


11. Indo-US Science and Technology Forum: 6.90 Lakhs
    Atmosheric Haze: Adverse Impacts on Glaciers and Cultural Heritage in India.


10. Department of Science & Technology: 1.63 Crores
    Impact of anthropogenic aerosols on cloud microphysics.


09. Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO): 2.0 Lakhs
    Understanding the Role of Cosmic Ray Induced of Total Solar Eclipse in 2009-10.


08. Indian Space Research Organisation: 39.50 Lakhs
    Modeling and parameterization of microphysical and optical properties of mixed-phase clouds

    over Indian subcontinent

07. Indian Space Research Organization-Geosphere Biosphere program (ISRO - GBP): 68.49 Lakhs
    Long term variation of Aerosol black carbon over Kanpur region.


06. Indian Railways (MHRD): 20.0 Lakhs
    Laboratory Investigations of Fog Microphysical Properties

05. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)-RESPOND Program, Government of India: 11.14 Lakhs
    Effects of Ionization Rate Variation on Aerosol and Cloud Microphysical properties

04. Department of Science & Technology: 7.98 Lakhs
      Aerosol Optical Properties over Kanpur Region


03. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)-Geosphere Biosphere

      Program, Government of India: 1.0 Lakhs
      Integrated Campaign for Aerosols, Gases and Radiation Budget (ICARB)   


02. Indian Space Research Organization-Planetary Science and Exploration Program

      (ISRO-PLANEX), Government of India: 5.65 Lakhs
      Aerosol Charging and Electrical Conductivity in the Lower Atmosphere of Mars

01. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO): 2.50 Lakhs
      Atmospheric Pollution (North India Land Campaign)


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