Major Projects


Running Projects       

 13. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
A Network of Technical Institutions as knowledge Parter of NCAP

 12. Ericsson India Private Limited
 Realtime Atmos Air Quality Monitoring With Nb-Iot Network

 11. Uttar Pradesh State Government
 Comprehensive Agriculture Information System

 10. Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP)
Source Apportionment Studies-Analysis And Samples

 09. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
Delhi Air Quality Experiment:A Paradigm Shift In Source Apportionment

 08. Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), UK
Thermal infrared technologies for supporting environmental assessment and decision making in the         Ganges Basin

 07. Respirer Living Sciences Private Limited
     Measurement and Calibration of Air Quality Monitors in 10 cities of India

 06. Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF)
     Streaming Analytics over Temporal Variables from Air quality Monitoring (SATVAM)

 05. Department of Biotechnology
     Joint Research project on Delhi Air Pollution: Health aNd Effects (DAPHNE)

 04. Department of Science and Technology (DST)
ndo-UK joint project on Towards an integrated approach for assessing the impact of  climatic stresses on        agriculture and the exchange of greenhouse gas on the Indo-Gangetic Plain

 03. Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)
     Studies on aerosol behaviour under severe accident conditions in the context of Indian Nuclear         Reactors by setting up of National Aerosol Facility
        2015-2018 (extended upto 2020)

  02. Indian Space Research Organization
        Environmental Observatory

  01. National Aeronautic and Space Administration


Completed Projects


 24. BP India Services Private Limited
        India Air Pollution Study for BP

 23. Ministry of Earth Sciences
     Indo-UK joint project on South Asian Monsoon: Monsoon Dynamics and thermodynamics from the         land surface through convection to the continental-scale (INCOMPASS)
(extended upto 2019)

 22. Georgia Institute of Technology
        Crowd sourcing water quality: Using mobile technology and rapid microbiological tests to assess         drinking water risks in rural India

 21. United States Agency for International Development
        lNSF-PIRE collaboration: Developing Low-Carbon Cities in India: Focus on Urban Infrastructures,         Public Health, Climate Risks and Vulnerability

 20. Indo-UK Ministry of Earth Sciences and Natural Environmental Earth Sciences
        South Asian Precipitation: A Seamless Assessment SAPRISE

 19. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
        Experimental Evaluation of Aerosol Behavior Relevant to Indian Nuclear Reactors

 18. Department of Science and Technology
       Modelling Relative Impact of Aerosol and LULC Changes on Regional Climate of Ganga Basin

 17. Ministry of Human Recourse Development
        Building a Novel System for Soot: Measurement, Toxicity Assessment and Source Identification

 16. Regional Resources Center for Asia and the PACIFIC (A Centre for Sustainable Development,         Collaborating with UNEP)
        Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC)

 15. Finnish Meteorological Institute
        Black and Brown Carbon Influence on Climate Change in India from Local to Regional Scale

 14. Ministry of Earth Sciences
       Cosmic Rays-Cloud-Climate Conundrum: Can Ion-Aerosol Near-Cloud Mechanism Explain the          Observed Correlations?

13. Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
       Measurement of aerosol and liquid droplet size distributions and validation of aerosol and

       droplet microphysical models.


12. Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research
       Development of a Non-Hydrostatic Finite-Volume Icosabehral Model for Regional/Global

       Climate Simulation and Weather Forecast.


11. Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
       Atmosheric Haze: Adverse Impacts on Glaciers and Cultural Heritage in India.


10. Department of Science & Technology
       Impact of anthropogenic aerosols on cloud microphysics.


09. Indian Space and Research Organization
       Understanding the Role of Cosmic Ray Induced of Total Solar Eclipse in 2009-10.


08. Indian Space Research Organisation
       Modeling and parameterization of microphysical and optical properties of mixed-phase clouds

       over Indian subcontinent

07. Indian Space Research Organization-Geosphere Biosphere program
       Long term variation of Aerosol black carbon over Kanpur region.


06. Indian Railways (MHRD)
       Laboratory Investigations of Fog Microphysical Properties

05. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)-RESPOND Program, Government of India
       Effects of Ionization Rate Variation on Aerosol and Cloud Microphysical properties

04. Department of Science & Technology
       Aerosol Optical Properties over Kanpur Region


03. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO-GBP), Government of India
      Integrated Campaign for Aerosols, Gases and Radiation Budget (ICARB)   


02. Indian Space Research Organization-Planetary Science and Exploration Program

      (ISRO-PLANEX), Government of India
      Aerosol Charging and Electrical Conductivity in the Lower Atmosphere of Mars

01. Indian Space Research Organization
      Atmospheric Pollution (North India Land Campaign)


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