Course Taught:  

1. Earth and Environment

    (Two times, Post Graduate Level, Class Size 15)

2. Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry

    (Three times, PG Level, Class Size 25)

3. Fate and Transport of Contaminants in Natural Systems

    (Twice, PG Level, Class Size 10-50)

4. Environmental Quality and Pollution

    (Three times, Under Graduate Level, Class Size 60-80)

5. Computational Methods in Engineering

    (Three times, Under Graduate Level, Class Size 160-180)

6. Advanced Mathematics for Civil Engineers (Three times, Numerical Methods Module,

    Class Size 55-70)

7. Modeling of Natural Systems (Two times, PG Level)

8. Co-Taught Air Pollution and its Control (Once, PG Level, Class Size 30)



      1. Computational Methods in Engineering (Five Times)

      2. Mechanics of Solid (Four times)

      3. Fluid Mechanics (Twice times)


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