Shakti S Gupta

Research Interests:

- Linear/nonlinear vibrations of discrete and continuous systems

- Mechanics of nanomaterials and their continuum models: Molecualr mechanics and dynamics simulations, and nonlocal elasticity theories

Recent Publications:

1. Dynamics and Stability of Variable-Length, Vertically-Traveling, Heavy Cables: Application to Tethered Aerostats, D. Mukherjee, I. Sharma, S. S. Gupta , 2018, Journal of Aircraft, In Press.

2. Stability of vertically traveling, pre-tensioned, heavy cables, A. R. Dehadrai, I. Sharma and S. S. Gupta, 2018, Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, Vol. 13, 081003.

3. Vibroacoustics study of a point-constrained plate in a duct, S. Sapkale, M. M. Sucheendran, S.S. Gupta and S. Kanade, 2018, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 420, 204-226.

4. Instabilities in carbon nanocone stacks, A. Raj, A. Mokhalingam and S. S. Gupta, 2017, Carbon, Vol 127, 404-411.

5. Buckling of single-walled carbon nanotubes using two criteria, S. S. Gupta, P. Agrawal and R. C. Batra, 2016, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 119, Art. No. 245106.

6. Localization of buckling modes in plates and laminates, S. Paik, S. S. Gupta and R. C. Batra, 2015, Composite Structures, Vol. 120, 79-89.

Web resources:

Click here for a lecture on Fundamentals of Vibration : TEQIP IIT Kanpur.
Click here for a lecture on Free and Forced Vibration Analysis : TEQIP IIT Kanpur.

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