Professional Experience

  Visiting Faculty at  :

          Imperial College,  London.  2002.                                   

             Institute for Solid State Research (IFW) Dresden,  FRG. summer 2000, 01, 02. 

            Institute for Solid State Research Forcshung Zentrum, FRG, 2004.

           Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Univ. of California, Berkeley, summer 1997.  

          Max Planck Inst. fur Mikrostruktphysik at Halle (Salle), FRG. 1995-96,  98, 99 .      


                  Post doctoral fellow  :

             Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


  • UG and Postgraduate Physical Chemistry Courses including Lab exercises since     Jan 1997.
  • CHM 201: General chemistry course for B.Tech students: course content: Atomic Structure, Chemical bonding, Molecular spectroscopy, Statistical mechanics.
  • BSO 207: Physical Chemistry for M.Sc and  M.Tech Students: Quantum chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Statistical mechanics. Electrochemistry, Kinetics.
  • CHM 629: Principles of Physical chemistry (Ph.D students)
  • CHM 626: Solid State Chemistry: Open elective for all levels-: Structure and bonding in solids. Preparative techniques: conventional and non conventional methods, Nanomaterials-Top down approaches. Magnetism and electronic transport properties, superconductivity, Ferroelectricity and Feromagnetsim. Organic LED's, Bio-nano technology, Surface studies: principles of STM, AFM, XPS, UPS, ESCA techniques, Thin film Epitaxy: MBE to PLD techniques. Thermal analysis.
  • CHM 423:  M.Sc Physical Chemistry Laboratory exercises.
  • CHM 101:  B.Tech Lab exercises
  • Participating instructor in other departmental courses including Courses on Display technology: with MME department.