Emotion and Behavior

Understanding human emotion and behavior is crucial for any human-centric computing system. We are interested in analyzing and modeling human emotion and behavior using video, audio and other signals in the domains of media, education and healthcare. Currently, we are working on the following problems.

  1. Head motion in emotion, speech (video, motion-capture)

  2. Facial behavior in Autism (video, motion-capture)

  3. Crowd behavior (video)

  4. Emotion in music and movies (audiovisual)

Image and Multimedia Processing

We address traditional image and multimedia processing problems, which contributes to the field of image/multimedia processing, as well as, informs our human-centric systems.

  1. Image similarity measurement

  2. Perceptual image/video quality

  3. Image saliency and attention

  4. Event detection in multimedia content

  5. Audiovisual synchrony