Dr. Tarun Kanti Ghosh
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur
Kanpur 208 016

Tel: +91-512-259-7276  (office)
Tel: +91-512-259-7641 (department)
Fax: +91-512-259-0914  
E-mail: tkghosh@iitk.ac.in

Research Interests

Recent Publications

  • Sonu Verma, Tutul Biswas and Tarun Kanti Ghosh, Thermoelectric and optical probes for a Fermi surface topology change in noncentrosymmetric metals, Physical Review B 100, 045201 (2019) [arXiv: 1904.04656].

  • Bashab Dey and Tarun Kanti Ghosh, Floquet topological phase transition in α-T3 lattice, Physical Review B 99, 205429 (2019) [arXiv: 1901.10778].

  • Sonu Verma, Arijit Kundu, and Tarun Kanti Ghosh, RKKY interaction in Mn-doped 4 x 4 Luttinger systems, Journal of Applied Physics 125, 233903 (2019) [arXiv: 1807.01967].

  • Bashab Dey and Tarun Kanti Ghosh, Photoinduced valley and electron-hole symmetry breaking in α-T3 lattice: The role of a variable Berry phase, Physical Review B 98, 075422 (2018) [arXiv: 1805.10866].

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