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Our research group investigates electronic and photonic materials for the applications in advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices. However the primary focus of our research group is to unravel the underlying physics and chemistry of the Perovskite and Plasmonic materials for the applications in clean energy generation, energy storage & energy harvesting devices, and advanced photodetectors. Our goal is to develop novel Perovskite materials for solid-state perovskite solar cell (PSC) and Thermoelectric applications (TE). In plasmonics our efforts are primarily concentrated on the understanding of novel plasmonic nano-structures using FDTD simulation and experimental techniques like Near Field Optical Microscope (NSOM). We are also studying the exciton-plasmon coupling in the Semiconductor nanowires grown by electrodeposition techniques using in-house synthesized nano-porous anodic alumina (PAA) membrane.

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