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The primary focus of our research group is to unravel the underlying physics and chemistry of materials to design novel advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices. Our research interests traverse the areas of Thermoelectrics, Plasmonics, Photovoltaics and Oxide electronic materials and devices. However, a common thread in our research is to address: (i) the global energy problem by developing novel materials for clean energy generation, and (ii) the design of next generation chip-scale technology.
In the field of energy, we have adopted two-pronged strategy: (i) Electricity generation from waste heat by thermoelectric power generator, and (ii) Developing novel lead-free organometallic halide-based perovskites for fabricating lowcost solar cell. Our efforts in next generation chip-scale technology are based on nanophotonics (e.g. designing optical memory based on plasmonic lenses) and nanoelectronics (RRAM). Our research involves both experimental work to obtain the performance and complementary simulations to visualize the actual phenomena.

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