Unnat Jain

Final year student of BTech - MTech dual degree
Electrical Engineering
IIT Kanpur

I am a student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in India. I am a fourth year Electrical Engineering student pursuing a five year B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree program. I have been brought up in the city of Calcutta in East India and have done my schooling at one of the oldest schools in India, St. James' School Calcutta.

My academic interests are in the fields of Computer vision and Machine learning. I also have background in Signal & Image processing and Compressed sensing applications to Wireless Communications. My research projects are related to visual place recognition for AI-assisted driving and font free OCR systems. In my quest of learing more about ML and its applications, I have credited various postgraduate courses related to ML at IIT Kanpur and have worked as a summer researcher at University of Massachusetts, Amherst under the guidance of Prof. Erik Learned-Miller. I am currently pursuing a thesis under the guidance of Prof. Vinay P. Namboodiri (CS) and Prof. Gaurav Pandey (EE) at IIT Kanpur working on problems related to visual place recognition using pretrained deep CNNs.

Apart from gathering relevant research experience, I have achieved Departmental Rank 1 among EE master’s students with graduate CGPA of 10/10 and undergraduate CGPA of 9.7/10. I have received two national scholarships: O.P. Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarship 2012 and India Award 2013 by The Institution of Engineering & Technology (UK). I have represented IIT Kanpur at international forums such as JENESYS exchange program 2014 in Japan and Indo-European Winter Academy 2014. Before fall’16, I would have completed one year of Teaching Assistantship experience in two courses: ‘Digital Communication Networks’ and ‘Probability & Statistics’. I have also volunteered to take remedial classes for students in the capacity of a Senior Academic Mentor for Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur.

Outside the academic realm I have interest in application of technology to social problems, reading about psychology, playing volleyball, writing occasionally for friends, and having intense discussions with my close friends.

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