Research Interest 

1.     Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry of Biological Relevance (Glycosidase Inhibitors)


Glycosidase Inhibitors are extremely important from the point of view of controlling certain diseases. As a result, a lot of efforts are being made to design new glycosidase inhibitors based on mimicking transition state. In view of this, we have been involved in synthesising new inhibitors and also devise synthesis for known inhibitors. A few examples are:



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2.                  Functionalisation of carbohydrates leading to Glycosyl and Sugar Amino Acids, Amino Sugars and O- and C-Glycosides


Synthesis of glyocsyl and sugar amino acids for modulating various glycoproteins or glycopeptides is a vigorous activity. Likewise, synthesis of amino sugars, O- and C-glycosides via functionalistaion of monosaccharides is also an important area of research. Following represents part of our contribution in this direction:




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