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About Me

I'm Varun Khare. Since you came to my webpage I think you already know this much. I am a fourth year under-graduate at Computer Science Department, IIT Kanpur. My interests lie in everything that looks futuristic to me and hence AI is one of my fantasies. I experimented with Augmented Reality (Yeah the Iron Man Helmet like stuff!), development (Android and Web) and philosophy. Finally I have settled with picking up research in AGI and Machine Learning.

It is the thrill and excitement in life which drives me to work. So, I guess being an adventure junkie is justified. I would love to go on treks, rafting, kayaking and what not. They just make me forget everything else and focus on the very present. With my friends, I tend to have long discussions on growth of human conscience, its progress and its future. In fact my love for AI is the outcome of such discussions. Also I am an anime fan for the exact same reasons. They tend to be very philosophical!

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My Skills

Machine Learning & Computer Vision90%
App Development 96%
Data Structures and Algorithms 75%
Augmented Reality 80%

App Development

Here I am proficient with REST API handling, caching, UI/UX design, database maanagement, injection, multi-threading and Server Sent Events to name a few. I have a working experience of 2 years with android dev.

Deep Learning and Learning Theory

I have worked on 3D computer vision specifically for scene manipulation so as to synthesize invisible parts of the scene.

I also experimented with developing a word problem solver for 8 class distance speed and time problems.

Augmented Reality

I have tested myself on caliberating mobile sensors for developing and immersive user experience using researches from human computer interaction.Created a navigation app using the above.

Computational Cognitive science

Explored this area in a course at institute. Got to know about the foundational theories of cognition and behavior.

Programming Club, IIT Kanpur

Anyone interested to know the scopes and applications of various fields in programming or if you have some awesome idea in mind and want that to get implemented contact me. I will be glad to help you out. For blogs and other club details visit pclub website.

Contact Me

If in campus, I will be available at my room or in CSE building