Chemical Engineering
IIT Kanpur

V Shankar

Links to videos of my lectures/talks:

Introductory graduate course (40 lectures) on Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering

Introductory graduate course (26 videos) on Hydrodynamic Stability

NPTEL lectures: Undergraduate fluid mechanics (40 lectures)  Youtube link    NPTEL link

Video of talk (Oct 2013) on my research area: Instability and transition in flow through deformable tubes and channels

Video of talk A Linear Route to Elasto-inertial Turbulence given as part of the JNNFM e-seminar series (June 2020).

Video of talk Linear mechanisms for onset of turbulence in rectilinear viscoelastic flows given as part of the Turbulence seminar series organized by IIT Kanpur (August 2021).

On October 7th, 2022, The Physical Review Journal Club hosted a sereis of mini-talks on the fluid dynamics of complex fluids to discuss the state-of-the art in our understanding of viscoelastic flow instabilities and elastic turbulence. Physical Review Fluids. Speakers include Howard Stone, Sujit Datta, Paulo Arratia, Arezoo Ardekani, V. Shankar, and Suzzanne Fielding. Link to the video of the online journal club

Pedagogical lectures on `Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability': TEQIP workshop at IIT Kanpur (December 2018)

Hydrodynamic Stability - Part 1 (1.5 hours)

Hydrodynamic Stability - Part 2 (1.5 hours)

Hydrodynamic Stability - Part 3 (1.5 hours)  

Pedagogical lectures in fluid mechanics: Pravartana 2014 at IIT Kanpur (July 2014)

Lecture No. 1 (~ 2 hrs): Fluid Mechanics - Kinematics; Balance laws; Constitutive laws.

Video link 

Lecture No. 2 (~2 hrs): Fluid Mechanics - Rayleigh problem; Stokes flows.

Video link 

Video of Pedagogical talk (April 2016) on "Numerical (Spectral) methods for hydrodynamic stability":

Numerical Methods for Hydrodynamic Stability