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``If the tip of the hair be divided into one hundred parts and again each such part be further divided into one hundred parts, then such a final part is a measure of the dimension of the essence of the universe and should be meditated upon.''
                                                                  - - Svetasvatara Upnishad 5.9
                                                                           [Sanskrit Text Circa 1000 B.C.]

                     What is a quantum dot? a nanostructure ? The drive towards smaller and ever smaller devices is currenly in the micron stage. In this size regime bulk physics is still valid. As the devices become smaller, they will one day reach a nanometer size regime [1nm:10nm], they are no more bulk materials as they consist of only a few thousand atoms. Neither are they molecules nor small clusters. They are  giant clusters and are called NanoStructures or a Quantum Dots.

There is plenty of room at the bottom.
                                                             - - R. P. Feynaman [link]

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