Sensors for Detecting Hotboxes and Hot Wheels

Most derailments can be traced to either the failure of wheel bearings or brake binding. Both conditions lead to overheating followed by seizure which in turn can cause wheel flats, track damage and derailment. Hot Axle and Box Detection (HABD) systems are used globally for the purpose. These rely on remote measurement of temperatures of the bearing boxes and the wheels. These systems have to be capable of measuring the temperatures very fast (at 200 kmph the measurement of a minimum of 10 points has to be made within 0.004 second). Any system to be used in India has to be designed to cope with climatic extremes.

A HABD system has been developed and tested. Industry partners have been identified and a prototype system is under fabrication. The system uses state of the art technology throughout. Data will also be available for integration into the signaling network of the Indian Railways.

Proximity Sensors Wheel & Box Pyrometer Housing

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