On Board Diagnostics

The objective of the project is to develop an On-board Diagnostics for Diesel and Electric locomotives through a network based real time control system. Diagnostics on existing locomotives is presently confined to the trouble shooting knowledge of the driver. The exercise includes development of appropriate instrumentation and signal processing strategy for various equipments which form part of the transmission and also for other auxiliary machines on board the locomotives. It will enable real time monitoring of vital locomotive equipments like prime mover, rotating machines, traction motor suspension bearings, axle bearings, radiator drive, air compressor, transformer, tap changer, pantograph, etc on electric/diesel locomotives. The system will also have self-diagnostic features.

Typical problems in diesel and electric locomotive rotating machinery includes vibration of traction motor, compressors, cooling fans, axle bearing etc. The diagnostic system will include on-line data acquisition and display over multiple channels simultaneously, Frequency analysis and Real-time FFT display, On-line trending analysis, On-screen trend display, Data storage with date-time information, Safe and tolerable limits for all channels, Automatic visual and audio alarm in case of limit crossing. The system also includes algorithmic diagnosis and communication through mobile network from the locomotive to central control unit.

Pressure Transducer Brake Pipe Pressure Indicator

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