Rail Flaw Detection Instrumentation

Different types of rail flaws include: Transverse defect in rail head, Gauge face corner defect, Rail weld defect (AT weld), Bolt hole defect, Piping defect, Half moon cracks at the weld etc. It is evident that rail flaw detection instrumentation would require multiple probing activities. The objective is to build a state of art of non-contact type ultrasonic testing methodology to detect various rail defects; to develop a semi-automatic system (double rail tester); to develop methodologies for online and off-line post processing of data. The instrument vehicle will be operable manually at walking speed as well as speeds upto 50 kmph. An instrumentation system based on Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology will be developed to meet the requirements of high speed testing and data logging.

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Defect on Rail Simulation Studies

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