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Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Placement in CDMA All-Optical Star Network

Yatindra Nath Singh1, Member, IEEE, MIETE, Mohd. Qasim2


In this paper, analysis of CDMA network with Optical Amplifiers has been done. As the optical amplifier provides gain as well as has nonlinear characterstics, gain is expected due to signal amplification as well as operation of SOAs as limiter due to gain saturation. In this paper results have been computed for with different SOA placements in a typical star topology employing CDMA. The results show that in a star topology network employing CDMA, placement of SOAs before CDMA decoder does provide benefit due to gain as well as because of clipping due to nonlinear gain saturation. It is also seen that preamplifier scheme works better than postamplifier scheme.



Dr.Yatindra Nath Singh