Submission guidelines

Author: Yatindra NathSingh
Copyright: © 2002-2004, ETRG, IIT Kanpur
For liscence see LISCENSE file given with the distribution.

(The design document is continuously evolving alongwith the design. You can discuss the design issues on mailing list, and update the design document accordingly contributing to project ) - Submit the document patch to me. Which can be edited organised and uploaded on the site.

When you modify a file, add your name to contributors in the file header. When you modify a file in year YYYY, check that the year YYYY is their in front of copyright. If it is not there, add it. You can shorten the listing if the years are continous e.g., 1995,1996,1997 can be written as 1995-1997.

This distribution contains a module brihaspati. This module need to be expanded in webapps directory of tdk installation or any other directory. You need to create appropriate context in tdk/conf/server.xml

This development was done on Linux platform. One can continue the development on windows also using the same tdk toolkit.


We had used the turbine development kit (tdk) in our development. It contains the following.

  1. Web application framework: tdk-2.1
  2. Template processing framework (comes with tdk): velocity-1.2
  3. Mysql driver for java: mm.mysql-2.0.8
  4. Application Server (comes with tdk): tomcat-3.2.4
Additionaly you need java development kit to use tdk.
  1. Java development kit: jdk-1.3
The file naming convention for submission of new updated file is

to submit screen java files  -
to submit actions java files -
to submit utils java files -
to submit templates vm files - templates-filename.vm
to submit docucment files - doc-filename.ext

Separately send three lists of files to be added, replaced and deleted respectively.


  1. Please put description of class, the functions and variables so as javadoc can be used to create the documentation.
  2. You need to include the testing code for a class named class (which should be a class named class-test containing public static void main()) in the same directory. A small description of how the testing is done should be written in the top of the file

Note: You can build your own local CVS repositories to manage the developed source and downloaded patches and source.

All the files should be archived using tar and compressed using gzip.

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