Achla M Raina


Professor of Linguistics

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Kanpur 208 016

Phone: 91-512-2597894




           Ph.D. in Linguistics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 1992       

           M.Phil. in Linguistics, Delhi University, 1984

           Masters in Linguistics, Delhi University, 1982

           Masters in English Literature, Kashmir University, 1980

           Bachelors in English Literature with Honours, Kashmir University, 1978

Current Research Interests

Cognitive linguistics, Syntax-pragmatics interface, Natural language semantics in theoretical and computational perspectives

Teaching Interests

Cognitive linguistics, Natural language semantics, Computational linguistics, Language acquisition and evolution, Indian linguistic tradition, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of language, Generative linguistics, Communication studies, Language teaching

            Recent Publications

Achla M. Raina, 2005. "Complex Predicates in the Generative Lexicon", Bouillon, Pierrette and Kanzaki, Kyoko (eds.), Proceedings of GL'2005, Third International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon, School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 210-221.

A. Mukerjee, Achla M. Raina, Pushpraj Shukla, 2005. "Universal Networking Language: A Tool for Language Independent Semantics", Cardenosa, J., A. Gelbukh and E. Tovar (eds.), Universal Networking Language: Advances in Theory and Applications, IPN, Mexico, 145-154.

Somsukla Banerjee, Achla M. Raina and Harish Karnick, 2005. "Lexical Organisation and Access of Code-mixed Collocations", Ooi, Vincent B. Y. et al. (eds.), Words in Asian Cultural Context, ASIALEX 2005, National University of Singapore, 22-26.

Achla M Raina, Ankit Soni and A. Mukerjee, 2005. “Towards Frame-Semantic Analysis of Hindi Corpora”, Basu, A. and U.N. Singh (eds.), Proceedings of the Symposium on Indian Morphology, Phonology and Language Engineering (SIMPLE-05, IIT Kharagpur), Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.

Achla M. Raina, 2004. "Optimality of Language Design"  Koul, O.N. and Imtiaz Hasnain (eds.), Linguistics: Theoretical and Applied (A festschrift for Ruqaiya Hasan), Indian Institute of Language Studies, Creative Books, New Delhi, 1-14.

Achla M. Raina, A. Mukerjee and Pushpraj Shukla, 2004. "A Unified Computational Lexicon for Hindi-English Code-switching", Sangal, Rajeev and S.M. Bendre (eds.), Natural Language Processing, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 185-194.

Achla M. Raina, 2004. “Semantic Underspecification in Hindi Complex Predicates”, Sinha, RMK (ed.), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Machine Translation, NLP & TSS (ISTRANS-2004), Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 172-177.

Somsukla Banerjee, Achla M. Raina, H. Karnick and B.N. Patnaik, 2004. “Resolving English-Hindi Contrastive Polysemies”, Sinha, RMK (ed.), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Machine Translation, NLP & TSS (ISTRANS-2004), Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 226-229.

Pushpraj Shukla, A. Mukerjee and Achla M. Raina, 2004. "Towards a Language Independent Encoding of Documents : A Novel Approach to Multilingual Question Answering", Bernadette Sharp (ed.), Natural Language Understanding and Cognitive Science, INSTICC Press, Portugal, 116-125.

Prateek Jain, Manav R. Mittal, A Mukerjee and Achla M. Raina, 2004. "Anaphora Resolution in Multi-Person Dialogue", Strube, M. and Candy Sidner (ed.), Proceedings of the 5th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, Association for Computational Linguistics, Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 47-51.

Manav R. Mital, A. Mukerjee, Achla M. Raina, D. Sharma and K. Vikram, 2003. "Saarthaka: A Bilingual Parser for Hindi, English and Code-Switching Structures", Proceedings of EACL03, European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Budapest, 15-24.

Achla M. Raina, 2002. "The Verb Second Phenomenon", Koul, O.N. and K. Wali (eds.), Topics in Kashmiri Linguistics, Creative Books, New Delhi, 113-129.

Achla M. Raina, 2002. "Optimality of Language Design: Towards a Unification", PJDS, (Journal of Dravidic Studies), vol 11: 1-14.

Deepak Sharma, Vikram, K., Manav R. Mital, A. Mukerjee and Achla M. Raina, 2002. "A Generalized HPSG Parser for Hindi and English", Sangal, Rajeev and S.M. Bendre (eds.), Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, Vikas Publications, New Delhi, 89-98.

Manav R. Mital, Deepak Sharma, Vikram, K., A. Mukerjee and Achla M. Raina, 2002. “Word Sense Disambiguation using Head-Subcat Relationship in HPSG and Ontological Classes”, Sasikumar, M. (ed.), Issues in Artificial Intelligence, Vikas Publications, New Delhi, 379-389.

Achla M. Raina, 2001. “Rethinking Grammaticality”, Indian Linguistics (Journal of the Linguistic Society of India), vol. 62: 13-20.


        Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

        Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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