Dr. Arbind K Lal, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, IIT Kanpur 

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Books & Paper Published

Ph.D. Supervision

  • Dr. Chetan P. Nemade: On Irreducible Polynomials and Normal Bases over Finite Fields, 2001 (with Prof. M C Bhandari).
  • Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta: On some Linear Codes over Z_{2^s}, 2001 (with Prof. M C Bhandari).
  • Dr. Tony Thomas: On Public-Key Cryptography using Hard Problems in Braid Groups, 2006.
  • Dr. Kamal L Patra: Laplacian Spectrum and Graph Structure, 2007.
  • Dr. Bikash Bhattacharjya: On Some Graph Labeling Problems, 2009. 
  • Dr A S Reddy: Matrix Algebra and Graph Theory, 2012 (with S K Mehta).
  • Dr S Mohanty: Analysis on Graphs, 2015 (with N Nilakantan).


M.Sc. Project Supervision (in short) 

  • Mr. Saurav: Diophantine Equations and its Applications. 
  • Mr. Yashvant Mangal Jain: Options and Option Pricing.
  • Mr. Ankit Gupta: Decoding Error Correcting Codes using Optimization.
  • Mr. Somesh Misra: A Study of Prime Numbers.
  • Ms. Shantala Mukherjee: Representation Theory of Finite Groups.
  • Mr. Ameya Pitale: Algebraic Number Theory.
  • Mr. Brajesh Kumar: Function Fields and Codes, 1995 (HRI Allahabad).