Catalogue of books currently with me

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Ablowitz, and Fokas   Complex Analysis Mathematics  
Baxter R.J.   Exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics Statistical Mechanics  
Tachikawa, Y   ${\mathcal{N}=2}$ supersymmetric dynamics Quantum Field Theory  
Landau, and Lifshitz   Quantum mechanics : non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics  
Weinberg S.   Lectures on Quantum mechanics Quantum Mechanics  
Zee A.   Quantum Field Theory in a nutshell Quantum Field Theory  
Weinberg S.   The Quantum Theory of Fields II Quantum Field Theory  
Chaikin, and Lubensky   Principles of condensed matter physics Condensed Matter  
Plunkett, J.   An introduction to the ABA Statistical Mechanics  
Schrodinger, E.   Space-time structure General Relativity  
Gupta, A.   Python Computation  
Dobrev, V. et al.   The Harmonic analysis Mathematics  
Viswanath, V. et al.   The recursion method Condensed Matter  
Kolmogorov, A. et al.   Functional Analysis Vol I and II Mathematics  
Witten, E. et al.   Quantum Field and Strings : Vol 1 Quantum Field Theory  
Witten, E. et al.   Quantum Field and Strings : Vol 2 Quantum Field Theory  
Bouchaud, J. et al.   A First course in RMT Statistical Mechanics  
Napolitano, J. et al.   A Mathematica primer for physicists Computation  
Kadanoff, L. et al.   Quantum statistical mechanics Statistical Mechanics  
Itzykson, C. et al.   Statistical Field Theory : Vol 1 Statistical Mechanics  
Itzykson, C. et al.   Statistical Field Theory : Vol 2 Statistical Mechanics  
Feynman, R.   Lectures on Gravitation Quantum Field Theory  
Kamenev, A.   Field theory of Non-equilibrium systems Condensed Matter  
Geroch, R.   Mathematical Physics Mathematics  
Conway, J.   Functions of 1 complex variable I Mathematics  
Conway, J.   Functions of 1 complex variable II Mathematics  
Fisher M.   Excursions in Stat Physics Statistical Mechanics  
Steele, J.   Cauchy-Schwarz masterclass Mathematics  
Green, Schwarz, and Witten   Superstring theory : Vol 1 String Theory  
Green, Schwarz, and Witten   Superstring Theory : Vol 2 String Theory  
Schrodinger, E.   Statistical thermodynamics Statistical Mechanics  
Poisson, E.   A relativist's toolkit General Relativity  
Landau, and Lifshitz   Classical Mechanics : Vol 1 Classical Mechanics  
Arnold V.   Mathematical methods of Classical Mechanics Classical Mechanics  
Krauth W.   Algorithms and Computations Statistical Mechanics  
Rieffel, and Polak   Quantum Computing Quantum Mechanics  
Small C.   Functional equations Mathematics  
Stone, and Goldbert   Mathematics for Physics Mathematics  
Feynman R.   Statistical Mechanics Statistical Mechanics  
Polchinski J.   String theory : Vol 1 String Theory  
Polchinski J.   String Theory : Vol 2 String Theory  
Zinn-Justin   Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena Quantum Field Theory Library
Gutzwiller M.   Chaos in Classical and Quantum mechanics Statistical Mechanics  
Sachdev S.   Quantum Phase Transitions Condensed Matter  
Girvin & Yang   Modern Condensed Matter Physics Condensed Matter  
Negele & Orland   Quantum many-particle systems Condensed Matter  
Goldenfeld N.   Lectures on Phase transitions & RG Condensed Matter  
Muskhelishvili N.   Singular Integral Equations Mathematics  
Einstein A.   Einstein's Miraculous Year Physics  
Zagoskin A.   Quantum Theory of many-body systems Condensed Matter  
di Francesco et al.   Conformal Field Theory Quantum Field Theory  
Horvath et al.   CFTs & Integrable models Quantum Field Theory  
Polyakov A.   Gauge Fields and Strings Quantum Field Theory Library
Sakita B.   Quantum theory of many-variable system and fields Quantum Field Theory Library
Akemann et al.   Random matrix theory Statisical Mechanics Library