About This Initiative

To increase the interaction among Y20s, this initiative has been introduced. In this, interested students would all be randomly sorted into pairs, reach out on webmail, and get to know them better. Feel free to share other details and shift to other social media platforms to interact better. A set of questions about your pen-pal would be rolled out, basically an ice breaker to the conversation, after a set duration of time, the highest scorers would appear on the leaderboard.



It is a widely acknowledged fact that UG Y20s, having begun their journey at IITK online, are having a tough time interacting with their peers. Most interaction has been observed to be through clubs, and even that has been less.


Why this initiative

It is extremely crucial to incentivise engagement among the students not just for their own benefit in terms of their academics as well as overall experience in college, but also to guide the Y21s who look up to their immediately senior batch for guidance.

Working of this activity

The pen-pal initiative has been introduced under the gymkhana mandate, exclusively for Y20s. All interested students have been randomly sorted into pairs.

Look up your pen-pal in your IITK webmail, if registered. The only details shared would be name and IITK webmail ID to prevent any breach of privacy. If both of you are consenting, feel free to share other details via webmail and shift to other social media platforms.



  • 17th June'21: Floating of forms for registration
  • 21st June'21: Creating the pairs and sending mails
  • 27th June'21: Question set 1 released
  • 27th June'21: Fill in Your own response to Question set 1
  • 13th July'21: Answer some questions related to your PenPal

About the team

Operations Team of this initiative.

Ghulam Farooqui

Chief Secretary, President's office

Rishika Saraswat

Chief Secretary, Students' Senate

Shreya Agarwal

BT/BS Y20 Senator, Students' Senate

Somya Gupta

BT/BS Y20 Senator, Students' Senate

Harshit Raj

BT/BS Y20 Senator, Students' Senate

About Complaints team

Complaints team for this initiative. If you want to report any mishappening you can approach any of them.

Complaints Form
Vedaant Sikka

President, Students' Gymkhana

Kartikeya Dhakad

Chairperson, Students' Senate

Yash Varun

BT/BS Y18 Senator, Students' Senate

Ramyata Pate

BT/BS Y18 Senator, Students' Senate