EE 673: Digital Communication Networks

  1. Instructors: Ketan Rajawat
  2. Prerequisites: Probability, random variables, basics of digital communications
  3. Content: computer network and the Internet, circuit and packet switching, application layer, transport layer, TCP throughput, network layer,routing algorithms, link layer, ARQ protocols, error detection and correction, medium access control protocols, wireless networks and mobility, security in networks, introduction to queuing theory, M/M/1, M/G/1 queues, reservation systems.
  4. References:
    1. Computer networking: a top-down approach, James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross (Pearson) [slides, applets, videos]
    2. Data Networks, Dimitri P. Bertsekas, Robert G. Gallager (Prentice-Hall)
    3. [Bedtime reading] Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, David Wetherall (Pearson)
  5. Format (tentative, dates may change):
    1. Major quiz (15) on 2-Sept.-15 (Wed) at 10:30am 
    2. Mid-sem exam (25) on 17-Sep-15, 
    3. End-sem exam (40) on 19-Nov-15, 
    4. 4 Assignments (2x5) 
    5. 5 Labs (5x2) 
  6. Time and place: WF 10:30-12:00, L13
  7. Lab Schedule: ACES 307, 2-5pm