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Thermal Systems Laboratory (TheSLa) aims to design, develop, and assess thermal sub-systems using experiments and computations. The laboratory will be addressing challenges that are India-specific and is globally relevant. Some examples: (a) dust deposition in solar reflector/concentrators and solar PV panels, (b) heat transfer fluids for solar thermal sub-systems, (c) innovative applications like solar convective furnace, compressed air heater, etc. for various applications, (d) bubble induced heat transfer augmentation in nuclear reactors, (e) simulation and modeling of turbulent fluid flow, (f)battery thermal management system, and (g) development of sub-systems for solar and other thermal energy systems. The developed technologies and know-how will enable the implementation of energy-efficient sustainable solutions, in a long run.

Dr. Laltu Chandra

Faculty In-charge


Ph. D. (2002 - 2005) from the University of Karlsruhe and Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany (now KIT Germany)
Visiting Scientist ( 2005 - 2006) at the IGCAR Kalpakkam, India
ANR Post Doctoral Fellow (2007 - 2008 ) at the ENSHMG (CNRS laboratory), National Polytechnic Institute (INP) Grenoble, France
Scientific Consultant (2008 - 2010) at the NRG Petten, The Netherlands
Assistant Professor (2010 - May 2018) at the IIT Jodhpur, India
Associate Professor (2018 - March 2022) at the IIT (BHU) Varanasi, India