Nilakshi Senapati.

Prime Minister's Research Fellow

I am a research scholar in the department of Physics, IIT Kanpur .
I am also a Prime Minister's Research Fellow (PMRF 2022 - direct entry)
through the Ministry of Education, Government of India. I have completed my
Masters' of Science in Physics from IIT (BHU), Varanasi. I am currecntly a 2nd year
PhD student.Primarily I am an observer who is curious to know how the Nature works!


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  • Ongoing - Conducting classes in Bankura Christian College for IIT JAM Physics exam preparation.
  • 29.07.2023 to 19.08.2023 - Conducted tutorial sessions for Python for Data Science (NPTEL) course (8hrs Teaching)
  • 05.07.2023 to 08.07.2023 - Attended an international conference "Phtonics" at IISC, Bangalore.
  • 04.03.2023 to 22.04.2023 - Conducted tutorial sessions for Nuclear Astrophysics (NPTEL) course (16hrs Teaching).
  • 21.03.2023 to 21.04.2023 - Conducted workshop on LATEX at CSJM University, Kanpur (30hrs Teaching).
  • Departmental library coordinator (Group Representative-Laser,Photonics & Quantum Optics), Dept. of Physics
  • Research Interests in a glimpse!
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    Theory - Computation - Experiment
  • Coherence and Quantum Entanglement
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Know about me in "About" page. Visit my "Research Interests" page to know about my research and work. Courses that I have taught those are given in "Teaching" page. I am also an art enthusiast and love to travel and explore this beautiful nature. Visit to my "Art & Travel" page for the details. Let me know about any queries in your mind through my contact details which is given below.

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    Email :
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    Official Address : CL 104-E, Old Core Labs, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP, India 208016