Project List

Master's Thesis Linear Stability Analysis of Two Immiscible Fluids in Presence of Gravity on a Heated Substrate Under The Supervision of Dr. Naveen Tiwari

In various biological and industrial applications where coating flows and pattern formation occurs due to gravity driven thin film flows. One can observe application of above type film flows in various coating processes like slide coating, curtain coating, spin coating and some biological processes like biomedical devices, optical fiber, polymer processing, crystal growth technique, membrane separation techniques, coalescence processes.

1. Performing linear stability analysis for both Non-Heated Substrate and Heated Substrate using MATLAB 2019a.

2. Performed numerical simulation using COMSOL 5.5.

Course Project on Flow of a power-law fluid across a rotating cylinder in a confinement under supervision of Dr. Indranil Saha Dalal

Many times some industry such as textile or pulp and paper industry encounter this type of flow problem and also observed in Rotary Drum Drying, Filtration in Slurries, Paper making. Due to asymmetry cylinder rotation and mixing increases, which is desired in above industrial application.

1. Analyzed flow of non-Newtonian power law fluid across a rotating cylinder in a confinement using COMSOL 5.5

2. Observed that as asymmetric ratio (𝜸) increases, for power law index (n) = 0.3, Drag coefficient increase upto a peak then decreases

3. Streamline trend for non-Newtonian fluid changing with Reynolds number as Re increases eddies formation over certain length increase

Bachelor Project on Acetone Production by Dehydrogenation of IPA and Water under The Supervision of Dr. Nitin kaistha

Designed a plant to produce 100kmol/hr of 99.9% pure Acetone using ASPEN HYSYS & ASPEN PLUS with more than 25 equipments like distillation column, heater, absorption tower and some controller to control temperature, flowrate. Application of acetone in Nail Polish Remover, Solvent used in manufacture of Plastics, Cosmetics and Personal care products.

1. Proceeded with Kinetic validation, VLE validation, heat integration, steady state and dynamics of plant also studied using various controllers

2. Optimized the process by minimizing Total Annualized Cost using various dominant design variables and degrees of freedom.

3. Process used: - Distillation Column, absorption tower, packed bed reactor

Education Qualification

Year of Passing Name of Degree Institution / Board CGPA / Percentage
2021 Master of Technology Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 9.0/10.0
2017 Bachelor of Technology Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 5.2/10.0
2012 XII Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education 76.20 %
2010 X Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education 78.50 %

Position of Responsibilities

Secretary in International Relationship Wing under Academic and Career Council, 2020
(Sept - Dec 2020)

  • Responsible for promoting exchange programmes, internship, and career opportunities
  • We team of 4, Conducted following programmes
    • Get to Know session for Postdoc opportunities after PHD and guided more 500 students
    • All about Foreign Exchange Program

SimuTech Mentor, Chemineers Society IITK   (Sept - Dec 2020)

  • Mentoring Students by conducting MATLAB, ASPEN, COMSOL workshops
  • Take a lead in designing and created Chemineers Society’s Webpage

Teaching Assistant in Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

  • Conducting labs, guiding students, and grading assignments based
    on Aspen Hysys and Aspen Plus Simulations and assisting instructor during
    exams in ChE453A (Chemical Engineering Design) under Prof. Rahul Mangal
    (Aug - Nov 2019)
  • Assisting instructor during exams in ChE622A (Biochemical Engineering)
    (Jan - April 2020)
  • Updating content on website under Prof. Rahul Mangal as DPGC TA
    (Sept - Dec 2020)

manager, Udghosh'15  (01 Oct - 04 Oct 2015)

  • In charge for organizing and managing events over the 4 days of festival with the help of a team
  • Responsible for successful conduction of the Informal Events during the Festival

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

C | Python 3.8 | MATLAB | Machine Learning Basics | HTML and CSS | JAVA | javaScript | jQuery | PHP


MS Office | Aspen HYSYS | Aspen Plus | Android Studio Basics | Wondershare Filmora | MATLAB |
COMSOL | PyCharm IDE| Adobe Photoshop 2021 | IntelliJ Idea IDE | AutoCAD Basics

Extra Curricular Activities

  • 1st Rank holder on HACKER RANK in python. Click Here to check it out
  • Won (i-Pad) the Poker Multi Table Tournament at National festival Techkriti in 2016
  • Won (Philips Speaker) the Poker Multi Table Tournament at Hall Day in IITK in 2015.