iitkiitkUltrafast Spectroscopy Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Dinner with Dr. Piotr Piatkowski

With Prof. T. Tahara

Aritra And Shovon

Dr. Piotr Piatkowski during his visit to IIT Kanpur

During GIAN course

Attending GIAN course


Indo-Japan Meeting

Dr P. Sen with Prof. Goutam De, Prof. Okimoto
and Dr. Fukumoto

Lab Trip to Agra

Relief from Summer, at Nainital


Open Seminar Party of Puspal Mukherjee and Bhaswati Sengupta at Tadka

With Prof. A.K Sood, President, INSA

Dr P. Sen with Prof. V. Ramamurthy

Taste of Japanese Food

Dr P. Sen with Dr. Polak

Lab Members with Dr. Polak

QIP Group Photo


Visiting Jhansi fort

Visiting Orchha fort


Celebration on Shahnawaz's thesis submission

Lab party at Hucka

Group photo


Group photo

Enjoying winter season


Dr. P. Sen and Prof Tahara outing in Lucknow

Pratik Sen Group, February 2021