Ritajit Kundu

About me

I am Ritajit Kundu, currently a research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, doing my research work in theoretical condensed matter physics in the group of Prof. Arijit Kundu (link to homepage). I am financially supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India under the Prime Minister’s Research Fellows scheme. I can be contacted at ritajit@iitk.ac.in.

My research is centered on the study of many body physics and topological properties of condensed matter systems, with a particular focus on the mesoscopic physics of quantum heterostructure systems. Heterostructures are electronic systems comprising several loosely coupled components, and their interactions can drive the system into novel phases that are not possessed by the subsystems individually. Utilizing both analytical and numerical tools of quantum many-body field theory, my primary objective is to comprehensively understand these distinct phases of complex systems and identify their potential applications in future quantum technologies.

My research interests are: Interacting systems, topological insulator, Moiré systems, periodically driven systems (Floquet). Currently I am trying to understand transport in small angle twisted bilayer Graphene and Linear response in Moiré systems.


Teaching duties

My past and current teaching activities are listed below.