Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Curious by and about ‘nature’, I am passionate to understand natural flows which are simple but elegant, yet mysteriously challenging! Using simple mechanical models, I deal largely with experiments supplemented with a blend of theory and numerical simulations. With broad interest in Fluid Mechanics, my research activities span problems in bio-fluid dynamics with special focus on swimming, hovering, flying, flapping foil propulsion, and the mysteries revolving around the fish schooling patterns. Simultaneously, I am trying to unravel the entrainment dynamics of cloud-like flows and turbulent flows.

Currently, my research group at IIT Kanpur – “Natural Flows Laboratory” (NatFlows Lab) is curious to explore the inherently coupled and intricate interactions between fluid and flexible surfaces through extensive experiments and simulations. The larger goal is to get insights into the role of flexibility that is ubiquitously present in the wings and fins of natural swimming and flying animals which they exploit for their advantage during cruising, hovering, manoeuvring as well as while schooling and flocking.

Welcome to the Natural Flows Group at IIT Kanpur

Research Interests

Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Biofluiddynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Hovering, Swimming, Flying, Cloud Fluid Dynamics, Flapping Foil Propulsion.