S. D. Joglekar


B. Sc. [Physics main] - University of Poona
M.Sc. [Physics] - I.I.T. Bombay
Ph.D. [High Energy Physics] - State University of New York at Stony Brook

Phone:  +91-512-2597014 (O), 2598314 (R)
Fax:      +91-512-2590914, 2590007
Email:  sdj@iitk.ac.in


Dr.S.D.Joglekar  obtained his Ph.D. in 1975 from SUNY at Stony Brook for theoretical investigations in Gauge Theories. He has worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Fermilab [1975], Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton [1975-1977] and University of California at Berkeley [1977-1979]. He joined I.I.T.Kanpur faculty in 1981 and has been there since and is a Professor there.

Dr. Joglekar has worked in diverse areas in Quantum Field Theory and Particle Physics. Main Research areas include:
Gauge Theories, Renormalization Theory including Cohomological Problems in Gauge Theories, Anomalies, Renormalization of theories with Scalar fields, energy-momentum tensor, Anomalies and Path Integral Formulations, Superspace Formulations of Gauge Theories, Nonlocal Theories, Axial/planar, Coulomb gauges.  At present he is also working on problems related to the Non-covariant gauges and Nonlocal Theories.

He is a Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences, India. He has been a member of Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, American Physical Society, and New York Academy of Sciences.

More information can be found in his homepage.

Research Interests:

Quantum Field Theory & Particle Physics
Renormalization Theory
Superspace formulations of field theories

Non-covariant gauges

Nonlocal Theories



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