Shikhar Misra, Assistant Professor

  • Specialization: Functional thin films, epitaxy, ceramic nanocomposites, optical metamaterials
  • Areas of Interest: Ceramic Nanocomposite Designs, Processing and Characterizations for Microelectronics, Optics, and Energy applications, Machine learning for Materials Database Mining and Structural Refining
  • Email: shikharm@iitk.ac.in
  • Office: Faculty Building 411
  • Phone: +91 512 259 2257
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Doctor of Philosophy


Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Master of Technology


Materials Science and Engineering-IIT Kanpur

Bachelor of Technology


Materials Science and Engineering-IIT Kanpur

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor

Nov 2021 - Present

Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Module Integration and Yield Engineer

Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

Intel Corporation

Honors and Awards

Best Poster Award (top 1%) at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting and Exhibit, 2019
Awarded the PGSG (top 10%) and the College of Engineering travel grant
Recipient of the highly competitive Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship provided by the Graduate School at Purdue University
Recipient of prestigious IIT-Todai graduate student scholarship 2016 among 10 students from India
Academic Excellence Award recipient for the consecutive academic year 2013-14 and 2014-2015, awarded to top 5% students at IIT Kanpur
7th position in Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO 2010) in the state of Uttar Pradesh



Our research interests lie in engineering the light-matter interaction at nanoscale of multi-phase thin film nanocomposites. This is achieved by exploring the use of epitaxial strain, compositional strain gradients, interface engineering, generating artificial ordered heterostructures and varying the growth kinetics to produce emergent physical properties.

Research Directions

  • Our research focuses in the following directions
    • Understanding the growth mechanisms and achieving enhanced spatial ordering of complex oxide-based nanocomposite systems towards metamaterial application.

    • Discovering new self-assembled oxide-based vertically aligned nanocomposites (VANs) through strain engineering and achieving tunable physical properties to enable a wide range of coupled functionalities spanning the electrical, magnetic and optical properties including piezoelectric, ferromagnetic, optical permittivity and others.

    • Integrating different machine learning tools such as Natural Language Processing and Image Processing in the conventional materials tetrahedron to facilitate accelerated materials discovery.

Recent Work

Image Grid with Captions
Image 1
Machine Learning Assisted Design of Multi-Band Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber
Image 2
Machine Learning Assisted Materials Discovery from Electronic Band Structure
Image 3
Automated Extraction of Material Synthesis Parameters from Scientific Literature using Large Language Models
Image 4
Machine Learning enabled optical property prediction of thin films using spectra data extraction from scientific literature


Fall 2023

  • MSE628: Electronic Devices and Characterization

Spring 2023

  • MSE604: Science and Technology of Thin Films and Device Fabrication

Fall 2022

  • MSE652: Nanocomposite Thin Films and Applications
  • TA201: Manufacturing Processes (Tutor)

Spring 2022

  • PSO 201: Introduction to Quantum Physics (Tutor)


Post-doctoral Fellow


Dr. Gurukrishna Bhat


Ph.D. Student


Aditya Uday Kamat



Harsh Joshi


Dual Degree Students


Rishi Verma

Dual Degree

M.Tech. Students


Chintu Aditya Santosh Naidu

M. Tech


Vinayaka D. Rao

M. Tech

Past Students

Name Year
Harsh Mishra Dual Degree Now at JP Morgan Chase
Rajan Kumar Dual Degree Now at K-12 Education Pvt Ltd
Mukund Soni Dual Degree Now at Third Frontier
Prashant Sinha Dual Degree Now at Nation With NaMo
GVSS Manoj Kumar M.Tech Data Analyst
Pushpanshu Tripathi UG Project Now pursuing MS at Cornell University
Ashish Omar Summer 2023 BS at IISc Bangalore
Shubham Joshi Surge 2022
Ablokit Joshi Surge 2022
Rajarshi Dutta Surge 2022


Among other things, I like swimming, playing cricket, soccer, volleyball, badminton and many other sports. I am also an avid traveler and have traveled the length and breadth of India and continue to be fascinated by different cultures and food around the world.
I also create YouTube videos and some of them are linked below.

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Faculty Building (FB) 411
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, IIT Kanpur
UP - 208016, INDIA


+91 512 259 2257