Shobit Omar

PhD, University of Florida at Gainesville,USA

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June 23rd, 2015

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Dr. Shobit Omar

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engg.
IIT Kanpur
Kanpur, U.P., 208016
Ph: +91-512-679-(7427)
Email: somar[at]

Laboratory Contact Address

Electroceramics Laboratory
Western Lab IIT Kanpur
Ph: +91-512-259-(6752)

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Projects and Grants

  • Title: Development of Higher Conductive Co-doped Sc2O3-ZrO2 Based Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PI)
    Funding Agency: Department of Science & Technology
    Grant: 52.3 Lakhs
    Duration: December 2013-Decemeber 2016
  • Title: Interdiffusion between thermal barrier coatings and bond coats in different atmospheres; Growth kinetics of thermally grown oxide, TBC destabilization and spallation (Co-PI)
    Funding Agency: GE India Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd.
    Grant: 13.6 Lakhs
    Duration: January 2013-June 2014
  • Title: Feasibility study on “Development of High Temperature and Ultra High Temperature Composites for TPS Applications.” (Co-PI)
    Funding Agency: ISRO-Space Technology Cell IIT Kanpur
    Grant: 27.6 Lakhs
    Duration: 2014-2015