srihari group


We are interested in understanding and controlling intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution - the primordial step in a chemical reaction. We seek both time-dependent and time-independent (eigenstates) insights using classical, semiclassical and quantum perspectives. The primary aim is to highlight the classical-quantum correspondence of energy flow dynamics in polyatomic molecules. More specifically, we hope to elucidate the phase space topology/transport in such systems which typically show a mixed regular-chaotic phase space. Ultimately, we would like to use our insights into classical dynamics to control both classical and quantum dynamics.

Department of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

phone: +91-512-2597043

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B.Sc. (Vivekananda College, Univ. of Madras 1987); M.S. (Villanova U. 1989 with JR de La Vega); Ph.D. (Berkeley 1994 with WH Miller); Postdoc (Cornell with GS Ezra); Joined IITK (1996); Gopal Das Bhandari Outstanding Teacher Award (2008); CRSI Bronze Medal (2016); INSA Teachers Award (2017)