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We, at the Experimental Thermofluids Laboratory, are currently working on the following projects:

Fine-grained Porous Media Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers

Parvez Alam (Ph.D. student)

Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Surfactant, Pressure, and Surface Modification on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer in Confined and Unconfined Conditions

Gyanesh Kumar (Ph.D. student)

Sidewall Thermal Conductance in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection: Effect of Uninsulated Sidewalls

Lt Cdr Amandeep Bhadwal (M.Tech. student)


Ongoing: Instructor (2023-24-II) | ME 341A (Heat and Mass Transfer)

Past Courses

ESO201A - Thermodynamics | 2023-24-I (As tutor: Rated Outstanding Instructor)
ME613A - Thermal Environmental Control | 2022-23-II
ME341A - Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory | 2022-23-II
ME340A - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning | 2022-23-I & 2021-22-I
ME642A - Convective Heat and Mass Transfer | 2021-22-II & 2020-21-II (Rated Outstanding Instructor in both semesters)
ESO204A - Fluid Mechanics and Rate Processes | 2021-22-I & 2020-21-I (As tutor)

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Current Openings

I am looking for motivated and dedicated M.Tech./M.S./Ph.D. students. If you've been formally admitted to one of these programs at IIT Kanpur and you're interested to work on any of the topics that fall under the areas listed here (or, you have a topic that you feel might be of mutual interest to us), please feel free to send me an email, give me a call, or drop by my office to discuss further details.

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