Computational Catalysis and Interfacial Chemistry Laboratory

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Principal Investigator

     Northern Lab II, 107           +91 512 259-6895(O)
     Department of Chemical Engineering           +91 512 259 0104 (Attn: Vishal Agarwal)
     IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, UP.           vagarwal@iitk.ac.in
     www.iitk.ac.in/che/faculty/va.htm           Google Scholar Profile


Neeru Kureel
(Lab Manager)
Northern Lab II, 107 Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, UP.


Post Doctoral

Juhi Srivastava
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Project:      Modelling CH4 Decomposition in Molten Mg and Mg-Zn Alloy
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Deepak Gorai
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Project:      Modelling the Chemistry of Solvated Electrons in Metal Doped Metal Halides
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PhD Students

Abir Lal Bose
PhD Student

Project:      Predictive Modeling of Hydrodeoxygenation Catalyst for Biofuel Upgrading
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Nikil Surya R
PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Raju Kumar Gupta)

Project:      Photo-catalytic Reduction of CO2
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Aditya Goyal
PhD Student

Project:      Zeolite Catalysis
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Joseph Nishanth
PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Kanwar Singh Nalwa)

Project:      Sulfur based cathode materials for alkali metal batteries
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Rupesh Kumar Singh
PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Raju Kumar Gupta)

Project:      Conversion of Polyethylene to H2 using Molten-metal/Molten-Salt Catalysts
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Sandra Liz Simon
PhD Student (Co-advised with Prof. Nitin Kaistha)

Project:      Developing Novel Algorithms For Exploring Potential Energy Surface
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Subhadeep Dey
Master's Student (Co-advised with Prof. Goutam Deo)

Project:      ODH of Propane with Metal Oxides catalysts
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Abdul Kaish
Master's Student

Project:      Dry Reforming of Methane using molten metal of Indium and Nickel
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Vikash Kumar Gupta
Master's Student (Co-advised with Prof. Himanshu Sharma)

Project:      Experimental study on Dry reforming of methane in molten metals and molten salts
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Prateek Kumar Panday
Dual Degree Student

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Hema Punyamoorty
Dual Degree Student

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UnderGraduate Students

Anas Ali

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Previous Post Docs Students

Dr. Mahesh Dutt Bhatt (2022)
Dr. Smita Ghosh (2020-2021; now in Johnson Matthey as a Modelling Scientist)
Dr. Sajal Kanti Dutta (2019-2022; now in IIT Delhi as a Research Associate)

Previous Graduate Students

Rishika (2021-2023; now in IOCL)
Baljit Singh (2021-2023; now in PhD, University of Colorado Boulder)
Raghav Singh (2020-2022, now in IOCL as Grade-A Officer)
Sayali Ramteke (2020-2021; now in TCS)
Krishna Jaiswal (2019-2022)
Aman Gupta (2019–2020; now in Capgemini)
Shilpa Kumari (Jan'18--July'19; now pursuing Phd in University of Houston)
Raghav Saxena (Jan'18--June'19; now in Exxon-Mobil)
AVBK Sai Phani Kumar (Jan'18--June'19; now in Quantifi)
Jaishri Jain (April'17--July'18; now in American Express)

Previous UnderGraduate Students

Sunny Kumar Bhagat (SURGE, Feb’21-May’23; now in Dr. Reddy's Laboratories)
Akshat Mishra (SURGE, May'22-July'22; now in Dr. Reddy's Laboratories)
Vrahant Nagoria (May'21-Jun'22)
Ananyae Kumar Bhartari (Feb’21-july'21; now in MS in Statistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Ayushi Goyal (SURGE, Jan’20–Dec’20; now in Dr. Reddy's Laboratories)
Aviral Singh (Mar’19–current; now in TPM, Clarity Biow Systems)
Anirban Ghosh (Mar’19–Nov’19; now in Dr. Reddy's Laboratories)
Kaniska (Mar'19--Dec'19; now in JP Morgan & Chase Company)
Laksya Tyagi (June'19--July'19; now in MS CS, NYU Courant)
Shivali Agrawal (Feb'18--Dec'18; now in PhD, Cornell)
Pranshu Tripathi (Jan'18--Dec'18; now in AamDhanE)
Deeksha Yadav (May'18--July'18; now in Bain & Company)
Parth Chapparwal (May'18--July'18; now in Venture Highway LLP)
Amartya Prusty (Nov'17--July'18; now in MS, KTH Stockholm)
Sarthak Gupta (Dec'17--July'18; now in Auctus Advisors)
Akhil Dubey (May'18--July'18; now in MBA, IIMB)
Debjyoti Bhakta (May'18--July'18; now in NextLEAP)
Ashar Ahmad (May'17--Dec'17; now in AmEX)
Dharmendra (May'17--July'17; now in ATCS)
Nikhil Chole (May'17--July'17; now in Axis Bank)
Shivam (May'17--July'17; now in AmEx)
Deepak Yadav (May'17--July'17; now in Vedanta Limited)
Jaswinder Singh (May'17--July'17; now in AmEx )
Sandhya Raj (May'17--July'17; now in CARS24)