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Awarding Institution Name
Paper Title
BEST paper award
16th All India Machine Tool Design AND Research (AIMTDR) Conference
"Travelling Wire Electro Chemical Spark Machining of Thick Sheets of Kevlar-Epoxy Composites"
Proceedings of 16th AIMTDR conference held at Bangalore, in 1994, p. 677.
Institution Gold Medal

Institution of Engineers (I)
"Thermal Properties of Co-Silicate Molds/Cores: Response Surface Approach"
Journal of Institution of Engineers (I) Vol.67 pt MM 1 Sept.1986, p.17.
KHOSLA Research Award: Silver medal and Rs. 500/-
University of Roorkee
"Tooling Design for ECM: A Finite Element Approach"
Trans. Of ASME J. of Engineering for Industry, Vol. 103 No.2 May 1981, pp.183-191.
N. K. Ayyanger Memorial Prize
Institution of Engineers (I)
"Tooling Design for Electrochemical Machining of Complex Shaped Workpieces"
Journal of Institution of Engineers (I), Vol.62, Pt. ME 2, NOV.1981, pp. 95-99.
KHOSLA Research Award: Gold Medal and RS. 1500/-
University of Roorkee
"Experimental Investigations into Electrochemical Drilling (ECD) in Steels"
Proceedings of 21st International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference, held at Swansea (England) 1980, pp. 373-379.
KHOSLA Research Award: Gold Medal and RS. 1500/-
University of Roorkee
"Finite Element Approach to the Two dimensional Analysis of ECM Processes"
Precision Engineering, Vol. 2, No.1 1980, pp. 23-28.

Certificate of Appreciation

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), CHICAGO ILLINOIS (U.S.A.)
"Experimental Investigations into Electro Discharge Drilling"
Proceedings of Advanced Manufacturing Technology III Conference, held at Chicago (USA) pp. IQ90-240-1 to 11.
Certificate of Merit
Institution of Engineers (I)
"Application of Finite Elements Technique for the Analysis of Electrochemical Wire Cutting Process"
J. of Institution of Engineers, Vol.60, Pt. ME 6, May1980, p. 203.
Certificate of Merit
Institution of Engineers (I)
"An Introduction to Non Destructive Testing Methods"
J. of Institution of Engineers(I), Vol. 59, Pt. HI1, Aug. 1978, p.21.
Certificate of Merit
Institution of Engineers (I)
"Inert Gas Shielded Arc Welding"
J. of Institution of Engineers, Vol. 58, Pt. HI 1, Aug. 1977.

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