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Dr. V.K. JAIN as an Investigator of Sponsored Research Projects
Project Title
Investigator (s)
Funding/ Sponsoring Agency
Total Cost
Investigations into Accelerated Cutting for Machinability Evaluation
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
March 1984-June 1987
CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 49,957/-
Performance of the Cutting Tools During Machining of Composite Materials
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. Prashant Kumar (CO-PI)

U. P. CST, Lucknow
Rs. 1,44,720/-
Design, Development and Performance of Tools for ECM Process
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. G. K. Lal (CO-PI)
April 1987-April 1992
DST, New Delhi
Investigation into Sludge Free-Electrochemical Spark Machining of Advanced Engineering Materials (Composites)
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. Prashant Kumar (CO-PI)
Jan. 1992-Feb. 1995
CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 3,57,930/-
Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding of Advanced Engineering Materials
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. G. K. Lal (CO-PI)
Sep. 1994-Sep. 1997
DST, New Delhi
Rs. 6,25,282/-
Automatic Feature Recognition and Computer Aided Process Planning for Sheet Metal Components
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Jan. 1996-March 1999
CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 2,40,800/-
Abrasive Flow Machining Process
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. Prashant Kumar (CO-PI)
Dr. P. M. Dixit (CO-PI)
April 1996-March 2000
DST, New Delhi
Application of Fiber Optics in Conjunction with LASER Beam for On-line Measurement and Control of Tool Wear
Dr. S. K. Choudhury (PI)
Dr. V. K. Jain (CO-PI)
July 1995-July 1998
CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 10,00,00/-
Automated Process Selection and Optimization of Advanced Machining Processes (Under Progress)
Dr. V. K. Jain (PI)
Dr. K. Deb (CO-PI)
March 2000- March 2003
DST, New Delhi

Rs. 9,00,000/-
India Advanced Manufacturing Technology(AMT) Survey
Dr. L.S. Thakur,
Dr. V.K.Jain
Mr. Y.Jiang
June 2003-Dec. 2003
University of Connecticut, School of business
$ 3675 (Rs. 1,65,375/-

Investigation into Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of Plane Surfaces
Dr. V.K. Jain
Dr. P..M. Dixit
Dr. V. Raghuram
Oct. 2003-Oct. 2006

DST, New Delhi
Rs. 12,57,000
Magnetorheological Abrasive Flow Finishing(MRAFF)
2003 - 2004
CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 11,74,000/-
Layered Manufacturing Using Electrochemical Sparks
DST, NewDelhi
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