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Ph. D.Theses Supervision
M. Tech. Theses Supervision
M.E. Theses supervision (At M.N.R.E.C. Allahabad)

Ph.D. Theses Supervision

  1. Raghvendra Jagirdar, "Set Theoretic and Graph Based Approach for Automatic Feature Recognition of Sheet Metal Components", Feb. 1995. (Co-Supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra).
  2. Phillip Koshy, "Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding: Mechanism of Material Removal and Modeling", June 1996. (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  3. Rajendra K. Jain, "Modeling and Simulation of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) Process", May 1999.
  4. Neelesh K. Jain , "Automated Process Selection and Optimization of Advanced Machining Processes: A Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm Based Approach".
  5. Vinod Yadava , "Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation of Electro-Discharge Abrasive Grinding (EDAG) Process", (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. M. Dixit, ME).  
  6. Dayanand Srinivas Bilgi , "Deep Hole Drilling Using Pulse Electro Chemical Machining (PECM) Process".  
  7. S. C. Jayswal, "On Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) Process". (In process)
  8. Sunil Jha, “On Magnetorheological Abrasive Flow Finishing “. (In process)
  9. H.Chelladurai, “Condition Monitoring of a Lathe Machine(Co-supervisor : Prof. N.S.Vyas)
  10. V.K.Gorana,” Force Measurement and On-line Monitoring of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) Process(Co-supervisor : Prof. G. K. Lal, Mech. Engg. Deptt.)
  11. D. K. Singh, "On Electro Chemical Spark Machining (ECSM) Process".
  12. Anjali Kulkarni, “Layered manufacturing using electrochemical spark deposition principle. (Co-supervisor: Dr. S.K.Mishra)
  13. Mamilla RaviSankar, “Abrasive Flow Machining”. (Co-supervisor: Dr.J.Ramkumar”)
  14. Manas Das, “Fluid flow analysis of Magnetorheological abrasive flow finishing (MRAFF) process (Co-supervisor: Prof. P.S.Ghaoshdastidaar)

M. Tech. Theses Supervision

  1. G. Benu Madhav, "Finite Element Analysis of Plane Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process", June 2000 (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. M. Dixit, ME).
  2. Santosh P. Sharma, "Deep Hole Drilling in High Speed Steel Using Electro Chemical Machining", May 2000 (Co-supervisor: Dr. Rajiv Shekhar, MME).
  3. Pabitra K. Behra, "Experimental Investigations into Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process", Nov. 1999 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Prashant Kumar, ME).
  4. D. Sridhar Sastry, "Electro-Stream Drilling of High Speed Steel", July 1999 (Co-supervisor: Dr. Rajiv Shekhar, MME).
  5. Amreesh Agrawal, "On the Determination of the Viscosity of AFM Media", March 1999 (Co-supervisor: Prof. K. Murlidhar, ME).
  6. K. M. Ramesh, "Electro Chemical Spark Machining Using Abrasive Cutting Tools", Nov. 1998
  7. N. Shiva Rama krishna, "On-line Monitoring of Tool Wear and Control of Dimensional Inaccuracy in Turning", Aug. 1998 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K.Choudhury, ME).
  8. T. Rajani Kumar, "Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Abrasive Flow Machining Process", July 1998 (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. M.Dixit, ME).
  9. Arvind Shukla, "", 1998 (Co-supervisor: Dr. V. N. Kulkarni, PHY).
  10. Bikram K. Gupta, "Tool Selection and Bend Sequencing for Air Bending of Sheet Metal Components", April 1998
  11. Vivek Kumar, "Electric Discharge Abrasive Drilling of Cemented Carbide and HSS", April 1998
  12. Ch. V. V. Ramarao, "On-line Monitoring of Tool Wear in Turning Using Neural Network", Feb. 1997 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K.Choudhury, ME).
  13. Sunil Jha , "On the Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) Process Performance", April 1998 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K.Choudhury, ME).
  14. Subodh Kulkarni, "Effect of Strain Acceleration on Plastic Deformation Behavior of Aluminium", Jan. 1999 (Co-supervisor: Dr. Om Prakash, ME).
  15. C. Rangnath, "On the Evaluation of Rheological Properties of Media Used in Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)", Oct. 1997.
  16. M. S. Ankulkar, "Electric Discharge Diamond Drilling of Cemented Carbides", Aug. 1997.
  17. Manoj Singh, "Effect of Porosity and Glass Content on Machining of Alumina Ceramics by Electro Chemical Spark Machining (ECSM)", July 1997 (Co-supervisor: Prof. D. C. Agrawal, MSP).
  18. H. Rammohan, "Object Oriented Feature Based Tool Selection System for Sheet Metal Components", April 1997 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  19. Sanjay Kumar Chak, "Electro-Chemical Spark Machining (ECSM) of Alumina and Quartz", May 1996.
  20. Shashikant G. Adsul, "Experimental Investigations into Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) at Low Pressure", Feb. 1996
  21. Pulak Mohan Pandey, "On the Mechanism of Sparking and Finite Element Simulation of ECSM Process", March 1995 (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. M. Dixit, ME).
  22. Anand Satyadev, "Flat Pattern Development for Bent and Deep-drawn Sheet Metal Components", March 1995.
  23. Naveen Gautam, "Experimental Investigations for the Enhancement of ECDM Process Capabilities Using Various Tool Kinameatics", Jan. 1995.
  24. Vivek V. Nesarikar, "Travelling Wire Electro-Chemical Spark Machining of Kevlar-Epoxy Composites", July 1994 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K.Choudhury, ME). [Paper based on this thesis won the Best Paper Award in 16th AIMTDR Conference held in Banglore in Dec. 1994]
  25. Chordia Yogenrda D., "Automatic Feature Extraction and Process Planning for 3-D Machining of Prismatic Components", March 1994 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  26. A. K. Garg, "Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) for Eletro Discharge Machining (EDM)", April 1993 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  27. Prem Shankar, "Analysis of Spark Discharge in EDM Process", April 1994 (Co-supervisor: Dr. T. Sunararajan, ME).
  28. Yatinder Pratap Singh, "Design and Fabrication of Travelling-Wire Electro-Chemical Spark Machine and Machining of Piezoelectric Ceramics (PZT)", July 1993 (Co-supervisor: Prof. D. C. Agrawal, MSP).
  29. Piyush Agarwal, "On Two-dimensional Nesting Problems", April 1992 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. G. Dhande, ME).
  30. Lt. Pravin Dixit, "On the Feasibility of Application of Fiber-Optics in Profile Measurement", Feb. 1992 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K.Choudhury, ME).
  31. Lt. V. Ravindranath, "Experimental Investigations into Reproduction of Profiles in Electrochemical Drilling", Feb. 1992 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  32. Ranen Bhattacharya, "Numerical Simulation of EDM Process", Jan. 1992 (Co-supervisor: Dr. P. S. Ghoshdastidar).
  33. P. S. Sreejith, "Experimental Investigations into the Spike Profile Obtained During Electro Chemical Drilling of Blind Holes", Jan. 1992 (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  34. Philip Koshy, "A Study on Rotating Disk Type of Tool for EDM", Sep. 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  35. Sanjay Kumar Verma, "Effect of Shear Strain Acceleration on Material Properties of Aluminium", Aug. 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Prashant Kumar, ME).
  36. G. Sankara Narayana, "Computer Aided Process Planning for Machining of Rotational and Prismatic Parts", March 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  37. V. Srinivas Anand, "Multi-objective Optimization of Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) Process", March 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  38. Gurusaran, "Computer Aided Process Planning for Electrochemically Machined Components", Feb. 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  39. M. Radhakrishnan, "Design and Development of Process Planning System and Cutter Path Simulation for Rotational Components", Jan. 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  40. Anuj Sanjanwala, "On-line Wear Sensing and Compensation during Turning Operations", Jan. 1989 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K. Choudhury, ME).
  41. P. Madhu, "Finite Element Analysis of Electro-Discharge Machining Process", Nov. 1988 (Co-supervisor: Dr. T. Sunararajan, ME).
  42. P. Sreenivasa Rao, "Application of Travelling Wire-ECSM Process for Machining of Composites", Sep. 1988 (Co-supervisor: Prof. S. K. Choudhury, ME).
  43. M. Satheesha, "Machining of Fibre Composites and Development of a Quick Stop Device", Sep. 1988 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Prashant Kumar, ME).
  44. Girish Thakar, "Design and Development of Database for Process Planning and NC Part Program Generation for Rotation Components", June 1988 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  45. Ajay Kumar Chitta, "A Decision Support System for Process Planning", July 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  46. Vilas S. Joshi, "Viscoplastic Analysis of Metal Cutting by Finite Element Metjod", July 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. M. Dixit, ME).
  47. Sanjiv Tandon, "Machining of Composites- A New Approach", July 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Prashant Kumar, ME).
  48. Yashwant Kanetkar, "Stray Current and Stagnation Zone Analysis in ECD During Outward Mode of Electrolyte Flow", July 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  49. V. N. Vittal, "A Computer Aided Process Planning System for Rotational Parts in FMS Environment", March 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kripa Shanker, IME).
  50. K. Ravi Raju, "Two-dimensional Finite Element Analysis for Tool Design in ECM", March 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  51. Gajendra Kumar Adil, "Temperature Analysis of Accelerated Cutting: Finite Element Approach", March 1987 (Co-supervisor: Dr. T. Sunararajan, ME).
  52. Sachindra Kumar Purwar, "Analysis of Plastic Deformation Characteristics During Metal Cutting by Finite Element Method", March 1987 (Co-supervisor: Dr. T. Sunararajan, ME).
  53. Sanjay Kumar, "Investigations into Microhardness of Chips During Accelerated Cutting", Jan. 1987 (Co-supervisor: Prof. G. K. Lal, ME).
  54. Gopal Indurkhya, "Some Investigations into Electro Discharge Drilling Process", May 1985.
  55. S. Murugan, "Prediction of Anode Profile in ECBD and ECBB Operations", April 1985.
  56. P. G. Yogindra, "Two-dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Electro Chemical Drilling Process for Anode Shape Prediction", March 1985.
  57. Girish Acrarya, "Multi-objective Optimization of Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM)", Dec. 1984 (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. L. Batra, IME).
  58. P.S.Sreejith, “Experimental Investigations into the spike Profile obtained during electrochemical drilling of blind holes. Jan 1992.
  59. S. Seshank, “Micro Fabrication using Electric Discharge Deposition process”  July 2005.
  60. Vinod Kumar, “Force and surface roughness analysis of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing process (MAF) using non-ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic workpiece materials”, July 2005.
  61. K.K. Saren, “Force Analysis of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process of Non-ferromagnetic Materials” (Co- Supervisor: Dr. V.Raghuram), Aug. 2004.
  62. Manas Das, “Analysis of Magnetorheological Abrasive Flow Finishing (MRAFF)Process”, July 2004

M.E. Theses Supervision (At M.N.R.E.C. Allahabad)

  1. P. Singh, "Development of a Computer Program for Production Incentive Bonus Scheme"
  2. Gyan Prakash, "Computer Aided Analysis of Experimental Data"
  3. V. N. Nanda, "Development and Fabrication of A Quick Stop Device"
  4. Vinod Kumar Jain, "On the Reproduction of Accuracy of Anode Profile in Electro Chemical Drilling (ECD)" Aug. 1982
  5. D. K. Bandyopadhyay, "Network Analysis for the Manufacture and Assembly of the Coal Cutting M/C AB Fifteen", 1977
  6. Pritam singh, "M.T.M. in Transmitter Layouts", 1976
  7. A. P. Singh, "Shear Angle Determination during Longitudinal Turning and Face Turning for Orthogonal Cutting Conditions", T. P. Gupta, "Development of Pneumatic Comparator System"
  8. P. K. Mishra, "Semi Under Water Welding: Effect of PH value of Water on Hardness of Weld"
  9. P. N. Awasthi, "Experimental Investigations in the Welding of Partially Dipped Workpieces"

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