Dr. Ashish Dutta

Indian Institute of Technology

Dr. Ashish Dutta
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Office: Faculty Building Room 338
Phone:91-512-2597562 (Off.), 2598710 (Res)
Affiliated Center(s):
 Centre for Mechatronics

Past PhD Students
1. Dr. Dibakar Bandyopadhyay,2007, Associate Professor, IIT Guwahti, India

2. Dr. Ravi Kant Jain, 2013, Senior Principal Scientist, CMERI, CSIR, Durgapur, India

3. Dr. Felix M. Orlando, 2013, Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee, India

4. Dr. Rekha Raja, 2016, Research Scientist, Wageningen University, Netherlands

5. Dr. Abhishek Sarkar, 2016, Assistant Professor, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India

6. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Singh, 2017, Assistant Professor, NIT Delhi, India

7. Dr. Anirban Choudhury, 2018, Lecturer, University of Essex, United Kingdom

8. Dr. Beteley Teka, 2018, Assistant Professor, Defense Engineering College, Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia

9. Dr. Jitendra Kumar, 2021, Lecturer, Centre for Advanced Study, Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, India

10. Dr. Subhi Katiyar , 2022, Post Doctoral Researcher, Tampere Uniersity, Finland

Past MS-MTech Students
1. Prasad Kulkarni May 2004 Dynamic Analysis of Biped Robot Locomotion and Design, Development, Experimentation of a Statically Stable Biped Robot

2. Pankaj Mukhija Dec 2004 Grasping and Manipulation of Elastic Objects using a Three Finger hand

3. Anjul Beohar May 2005 A Hybrid Method to Reconstruct 3D Solids From 2D Isometric Drawings

4. Dip Goswami May 2005 Simulations and Experiments in Robotic systems: A simple Robotic arm and an eight DOF Biped Humanoid Robot

5. Maitray Shrivastava June 2 005 Mathematical Analysis, Design, Development and Experimentation of an 8 DOF Biped Robot

6. Sunil S. Dandge April 2006 Design of a Partially Complaint Four Bar Mechanical Using IPMC

7. Tripuresh Mishra April 2006 Vision Based Regrasp Planning of a Deforming Slowly Moving Object

8. Manoj Kumar April 2006 Development of an RCC wrist using IPMC for micro assembly

9. Pankaj Sharma June 2006 Arrest and Guidance of a Moving Prismatic Object using Multi – agents

10. Manoj Katare June 2006 Developments of Shear Force Sensors for Robot- Human Cooperation

11. Pankaj Agarwal May 2007 Design of a robotic gripper for safe handling of nuclear fuel pellets using PVDF slip sensors

12. Vishal Kaushal July 2007 Design of a compliant four bar pick and place mechanism using SMP rocker

13. Amit Shukla July 2007 Visual motor coordination of a 6 DOF robot manipulator

14. Sreenivas V. July 2007 Determination of optimal contact points for form and force closure of 2D prismatic objects using multi-objective optimization

15. Santosh Pratap Singh July 2008 Design of a biped robot with torsion springs at the joints for reduced energy consumption during gait.

16. Vijaysingh Shinde July 2009 Experimental evaluation of a multi agent based capture and guidance of a 2D prismatic object avoiding obstacles

17. Himanshu Akholkar July 2009 Recurrent neural net based control of an exoskeleton for rehabilitation.

18. Harjinder Singh May 2010 Design and development of a Lunar Rover for motion on unstructured terrain

19. Bennami Singh June 2010 Vision based Soil Classification and wheel slip prediction for lunar rover type wheel

20. Himansu Singh Aug 2010 Development of an advanced face feature tracking framework using system of systems approach

21. Sandeep Thakur June 2011 Optimal design and trajectory generation of a biped robot with compliant legs

22. Parth Nanadikar Aug. 2011 Path planning for a mobile robot in 3D unknown terrain using potential field method

23. Kuka Arun 2012 Vision based robotic peg in Hole Assembly

24. Satish Sahu 2012 Kinematics and Experiments of a Six Wheel Rover on Uneven Terrain

25. Vipin Kumar Singh 2012 Optimal Design of a Gravity Balancing Leg Exoskeleton

26. Sagar Sahu 2012 Design of a Biped robot with Compliant legs and Generation of its optimal leg Trajectory

27. Jitendra Kahiram Prajapati 2012 “Learning based control of a three finger Exoskeleton using EMG Signals

28. Narendra Tripathi 2013 Optimal design of a gravity balanced leg exoskeleton for augmenting load carrying capacity”

29. Shyam Sunder Nishad 2013 “Optimal design of a three finger exoskeleton for translation of objects” in Progress.

30. Rohit Saini 2015 Design and stiffness control of a three finger hand exoskeleton for rehabilitation

31. Abhishek Attal 2016 Design of a variable stiffness hand exoskeleton

32. Gaurav Gupta 2016 Trajectory Generation and Step Planning of a 12DoF Biped Robot on Uneven Surface

33. Arjun Bhasin 2014 Redundancy resolution and control of mobile manipulator system using kinect mounted on UAV

34. Rakesh Kumar 2014 Development of an Autonomous Mobile Manipulator System for Detection of Buried Landmines

35. Pranav Jeevan P 2015 Design and Control of a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation

36. Vaibhav Gupta 2015 Design and Control of a Load Carrying 23Lower Extremity Exoskeleton

37. Arindam Shekhar Chaudhury 2016 Design of a variable stiffness load carrying leg exoskeleton

38. HR Lohit Kumar 2016 Design of a Variable Stiffness Load Carrying Leg exoskeleton

39. Hitesh Jangid 2017 Redundancy Resolution of a Rover Manipulator System using Support Vector Machine for Motion on Uneven Terrain

40. Vineet Anand 2017 Pose estimation and kinematic control of an articulated rover over uneven terrain

41. Subham Jain 2018 Kinematics based end effector trajectory control of a 14 DOF Mobile Manipulator System on uneven terrain using support vector machine

42. Sireesha Pathivada 2018 Rough terrain Motion Planning of a 10 DOF Rover in a Dynamic Environment using Modified Potential Field Method

43. Siddhartha Parswan 2018 Learning based grasping of novel objects

44. Rohit Sonkar 2019 Path tracking on an uneven terrain using model prediction control with a terrain height incorporating neural network.

45. Lokendra Choudhury 2019 Design of a compliant thumb exoskelton