Dr. Ashish Dutta

Indian Institute of Technology

Dr. Ashish Dutta
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Office: Faculty Building Room 338
Phone:91-512-2597562 (Off.), 2598710 (Res)
Research Associate: Biswanath Panda, Anupam Sana
Affiliated Center(s):
 Centre for Mechatronics

Sponsored Projects (Principal Investigator)

National Projects :

    Design & development of an exoskeleton robot for human hand support and rehabilitation.
    Funding : Dept. of Science and Technology, Amount: Rs 23.2 Lakhs  (US$ 58,000), Duration: 2008-2011.

  • Analysis of human Gait and design of leg rehabilitation exoskeleton.
    Funding: DST, Amount: 12 Lakhs , Duration:  2013-2015.

    Development of modular  robotics systems for education.
    Funding: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Amount: Rs 16.44 Lakhs (Total : 90.44 Lakhs) Duration : 2010
    Traction control algorithm development and testing for Lunar Rover mobility system.
    Funding: Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO, Trivandrum, Amount: 8 Lakhs  (2009 - 2010)
    Lunar Rover development for testing of vision based navigation and traction control algorithms.
    Funding: IIT Kanpur, Amount : Rs 30 Lakhs  (2009-2010)
  • Development of a leg exoskeleton for soldier support. 
    Funding : Defense Research & Development Organisation. Amount: Rs 22.04 Lakhs, Duration: 2014 - 2016

  • Development of a Humanoid Robot for Hazardous Applications. 
    Funding : Dept. of Science and Tech., Amount: Rs 24.04 Lakhs (US$ 60,000), Duration: 2003-2006 (Completed)

  • Development of finger tip micro shear force sensors for investigating fine object   manipulation.
    Funding: IIT Kanpur,  Amount: Rs 8.45 lakhs  (US$ 19,600) , Duration :2003-2004 (Completed)

  • Development of micro fingertip sensors for applications in robotic and prosthetic hands.
    Funding: Ministry of Human Resource and Development,Amount: 25 Lakhs (US$ 63,000), Duration:  2005-2008. (Completed)

  • Development of fingertip micro slip sensors for investigating object manipulation and slip.
    Funding: Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Amount: Rs 12.50 Lakhs (US$ 28,000), Duration: 2006-2008. (On going)

International Projects (As PI or Co-PI):

  • Assistive robotics using multi sensory networks.
  • Funding: Strategic India-Japan cooperative program. Amount: Rs 36.28 Lakhs  (India Side)
  • Japanese PI: Prof. T. Shibata, Nara Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Japan (2010-2013)
  • Indian PI: Dr. Ashish Dutta, IIT Kanpur.


  • A BCI operated hand exoskeleton based neuro rehabiitation system for movement analysis in paralysis
    : UKIERI Amount:    Rs 30,50,000/- (Indian Part).    Duration : (2014-2016). Project Partner:  Prof. Girijesh Prasad, Professor, Intelligent Systems Research Centre, University of Ulster, UK. Indian PI: Dr. A. Dutta (IITK)


  • Development of force reflecting surgical robot using micro fingertip sensors.
    : INDO – ITALIAN Program of Cooperation in Science and Technology. Amount:    Rs 3,50,000/- (Indian Part)   (2005-2008) Project Partner:  Prof. Paolo Firioni, Dept of Computer Science, University of Verona, ITALY. Indian PI: Dr. A. Dutta (IITK)


Innovations in Intelligent Assistive Robotics.

Funding Goverment of UK (UKERI) Amount : 150,000 GB Pounds (Rs 110 Lakhs)  (2007-2010)

Project Partner : Prof. G. Prasad, Univ. of Ulster, UK. Indian PI: Dr. L. Behera, IITK.


  • Consultancy Projects
  • Development of Electrical Brakes for the Tejas Aircraft: Feasibility study and simulation.
  • Funding : Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) , Lucknow. (2009)


  • Development of a three finger hand using Ionic Polymer Metal Composites.
    Funding: CMERI, Amount: Rs 1, 00,000/-  (2006-2007).


Co-Principal Investigator in other major Projects :

Neural network based visual motor coordination of a 7DOF manipulator and FPGA implementation of neural control algorithms.

Funding: DRDO  Amount: Rs 49 Lakhs , PI: Dr. L. Behera, EE Dept., IITK.

  • Development of a mixed reality system for enhanced teleoperation.
    : BRNS  Amount: 25 Lakhs (US$ 63,000),  Duration: 2003-2006, Project Investigator: Dr. K.S. Venkatesh , Dept. of EE, IIT, Kanpur


Laboratory Development   :

  • Development of a Flexible Manufacturing System for modernization of Manufacturing  Laboratory.
    MHRD (MODROB),   Amount: Rs14 Lakhs (US$ 32,500),Duration: 2004-2006