o   Some past research topics. (Not updated for a while. See also the commentary here.)


o   Why should you get a PhD? Here is one opinion.

o   What my former PhD students are doing now.

o   Potential PhD student? What you should look for (an opinion).


o   Do you like mathematics, numerics and programming? Try these problems.


o   What is engineering without a social contract? Milind Sohoni of IIT Bombay wrote this interesting article. Read his views on warm body jobs which require people who can do easy things fast.


o   On writing, I suggest Ehrenberg: The American Statistician, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Nov., 1982), pp. 326-329. Crisp rules, like Start at the end and If in doubt, leave it out.


o   What does our academic research mean? Some musings. Personal opinions, and a bit long, here if you are interested.


o   About JEE. The IIT entrance exam seems misdirected and, in some ways, beyond repair. It is a very high wall to be climbed over before entry, with relatively smaller challenges before getting the degree. With a high entry wall and low exit wall, employers connect with students on the entry wall itself, with subsequent education meaning little to either. We are guarding the wrong gate. A longer version here. If long term contribution to the engineering profession or to society is the goal, then the JEE may be doomed to fail anyway, as per Malcolm Gladwell in a wider-ranging talk, here.


o   An old dilemma for researchers. Slow, hard, original work, or generic work that can be cranked out? Try Watterson.


o   Teaching. My compressed video experiment, here.



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